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Gold IRA Reviews: Which Gold Companies Provide the Best Precious Metal IRA Services

Below is a list of the gold IRA companies reviewed over the last 12 months. In total, we have reviewed over 550 companies.

To view any company's review, click on the company's name to see our review. You will see details of the pros and cons of dealing with each gold company and information on complaints and testimonials.

We always try to do accurate and thorough reviews, but as these companies have not made our "best-of list", some of the studies have had less work put in than others. However, the information within each review was accurate when doing the review thinking. The opinions are just the options of the team at Bear Lake Gold.

Please fill out our contact form if we still need to review your company and wish us to do a review. I still need to review it. If we have reviewed your company and you feel we need to correct something, please contact us, and we can discuss your feedback.

If you want to jump straight to our top three recommended companies and request more information directly from them, click any of the gold buttons below.

Best Overall Gold IRA Company


Best  Gold IRA Based On Price


Most Reliable IRA Provider


Other Potential Precious Metals Dealers  and Gold IRA Companies

Frequently Asked Questions About Gold IRA Companies.

Do All Gold IRA Companies,  Dealers Sell All Precious Metals?

No all gold dealers and Gold Broker do not sell all precious metals, however the best [recipus metals companies we have highlighted sell all IRA-elligble precious metals

What is The difference between a Gold IRA, Silver IRA and  a Precious metals IRA?

There is no difference between a Gold and silver ira, a Gold IRA, a Silver IRA, a Platinum IRA or, in fact, a Palladium IRA.  They are all the same. However, you should note that types of Gold IRA companies may not sell some of the precious metals that you could include within your precious Metals IRA

Can SilverPLatinum and Palladium be included within a Precious Metals or Gold IRA?  Metals IRA?Can Silver 


Yes, you can rollover a 401k retirement plan into a Gold IRA Account.

Are Bear Lake Gold Gold IRA Review Independant

Our Gold IRA Review are conducted using our own review method that allows us to compare all Gold IR firms on a like-for-like basis.  We do our outreach and research to derive what we believe are the best gold IRA companies.

Have Your Reviews All the Gold IRA Companies?

We cannot guarantee we reviewed the Gold IRA Companies in the US Market. If there is an individual Gold IRA company you would like us to review, please reach out to our team, and we will add that Gold IRa Company to our review list.

How can I set up my own Gold IRA?
Setting up a Gold IRA is first; you have to set up a self-directed IRA; the simplest way to start the process of setting up your Gold IRA is to ask any of the companies reviewed on The Bear Lake Gold website to do it for you.

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