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Patriot Trading Group Reviews

With gold and silver increasingly becoming popular options for investors hoping to secure their money, Bear Lake Gold has put together a comprehensive Patriot Trading Group review addressing all questions potential purchasers may have.

The report aims to provide clarity and save curious buyers time when assessing the viability of this precious metals investment company as one option among many available in today's market. Additionally, it contains important details surrounding services offered by the business so you can make an informed decision on whether or not they are best suited for your needs.

At Bear Lake Gold, we strive to provide independent gold and silver company reviews that are reliable and up-to-date. Using our thorough review methodology, we investigate the background of key figures associated with each business - from the founders onward - so you can make informed decisions about precious metals investments. With fact checked data in hand, readers will be able to compare companies on a level playing field when it comes time for investment choices.

Therefore, the details we will give you about this company in this review document will cover various aspects of Patriot Trading Group, including owner and management team members. We will also uncover details about its services and products, pros and cons, and how customers have rated them on various consumer rating sites.

After much research and consideration, we are ready to bring you our detailed review of Patriot Trading Group - a precious metals IRA investment company. We will investigate what past and present customer feedback was like to provide an honest assessment of whether or not they should be trusted with your hard-earned money.

By the end of this report, readers can expect three concrete questions answered:

1.    Is Patriot Trading Group legitimate?

2.    Should investors engage in business dealings with them?

3.    Which companies would be recommended instead when it comes to investing into precious metals IRAs.

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Summary for Those Who Want a Quick Abridged Answer

After engaging different important people associated with Patriot Trading Group, we concluded the following about the precious metals company.

  • Patriot Trading Group does not scam unsuspecting investors.
  • Patriot Trading Group is not one of the companies we can list in our top 30 gold dealers or precious metals IRA providers.

Please read till the end of this review to find out why we concluded the following about this company. However, we have one question that we still need to answer. "Which companies would we recommend as the best precious metals investment companies?"

Bear Lake Gold does not just evaluate precious metal companies; we also provide recommendations based on extensive research on the best gold and silver companies to invest in precious metals through in the gold industry.

After extensively evaluating hundreds of gold dealers in the industry, the companies we recommend as the best for your gold and silver investments are Augusta Precious Metals, Goldco, and American Hartford Gold. We have also tagged these companies as the best and top three gold and silver IRA dealers in the industry because of the amazing details we found out about them.

One of the things that stood out for us about these companies when we reviewed them is the free gold or silver bars and coins they give customers who invest in gold IRAs through them. For instance, customers who invest in precious metals IRAs through Goldco will GET FREE SILVER WORTH $10,000.

We also discovered many amazing features about these companies, and their features have made us rank them as the top three gold and silver companies in the industry. We have put these features in three separate review guides.

These guides contain their features and reports and are available for download free of charge. All you need to do is click the relevant buttons below and input your details; these guides will be yours in no time. We designed the guides to be easy to read and straightforward so that they will be worth your reading time.

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#3 Recommendation Best  Gold IRA Based On Price

Review of Patriot trading group

{atriot Trading Group (formely AllAmericanGold.com)

Introduction to Patriot Trading Group

Patriot Trading Group is a precious metal and trading company founded by Joe Jaquint in 1996. The company specializes in selling gold and silver coins. It was formerly known as All American Gold, but in 2009, Joe Jaquint bought off the company shares of Eric Cederstrom, his former partner.

The company's headquarters is at 2010 W. Parkside Lane, Suite 154, Phoenix, AZ 85027. However, in January 2019, Patriot Trading Group launched a satellite office in Johnstown, CO. In these two locations, Patriot Trading Group trades and sells silver and gold. The trades involve some precious metal pairing. Pairing is a term also used in cryptocurrency trading.

Patriot Trading Group Management Team

The CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Patriot Trading Group is Joe Jaquint. He founded the company in 1996.

What is Patriot Trading Group Selling?

The Patriot Trading Group sells gold and silver primarily. Most of the products you will find in the company’s inventory are numismatic coins. In addition, it sells the popular IRA-eligible precious metal coin, the Gold American Eagle.

Patriot Trading Group Costs and Fees

Precious Metals

The company is transparent with its precious metal pricing. You can see the prices of all the products in its inventory by visiting the company’s website. An agent we spoke with told us that the company’s pricing is very competitive, and customers can even enjoy discounted prices at certain times.

Gold IRA

Interested investors can set up their gold IRAs through Patriot Group. The company charges a one-time payment of $255 for a gold and silver IRA setup. However, if a client invests from $30,000 upwards in a gold IRA, the company will waive the setup fee for the investor.

In addition, the agent told us that the custodial fees could vary based on the services investors need. Then the annual fees for storage and insurance are based on the value of the assets in your account.

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What are Patriot Trading Group Products and Services?

Precious Metals

From what we discovered about this company, Patriot Trading Group has an inventory with minimum numismatic coins selection. If you go to the company’s website, you will find more gold and silver numismatic coins and the American Gold Eagle coins. Customers can buy from the company via its website.

Gold IRA

If you want to buy the IRA-eligible American Gold Eagle from the company, you must set up your gold IRA first. The company has partnered with GoldStar Trust Company for its IRA custodial services.

augusta Precuious Metals Gold IrA checklist

Precious Metals Pairing

Patriot Trading Group allows customers to trade gold for silver or vice versa. This service is also called precious metals pairing.

Precious Metals Program

The company offers a special precious metal investing program that creates a money pool for gold and silver investment. The program allows investors to decide how much they will invest in precious metals each month.

The program is also an investment option that allows customers to practice the DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) method of investment in their gold and silver investment journey. The program allows users to invest specified amounts from their monthly income in precious metals through Patriot Trading Group.

The options available for this investment program are $100, $1000 and $10,000. According to one of the customer care reps we spoke to, Patriot Group deducts the amount that the investors set per month from their credit card on file.

Every quarter, the company uses the monies from the pool to buy hard precious metal assets and share them among the various clients who have invested in the pool.  The program does not require clients to pay setup, cancellation, management or portfolio review fees.

Through this program, investors can enter the gold market and invest in a traditional vehicle that belongs to the wealthy, no matter their monthly income level.

Investors can build their portfolio gradually and in bits because they set a monthly amount that Patriot Trading Group withdraws for purchasing precious metals for them.

The agent also told us that the idea of distributing the metals to the different investors who invested in the pool is to allow them to control their wealth. In addition, the company allows the investors to choose how they would want their deliveries to come; coins or bars.

Investment Consultations

Many firms in the precious metal industry allow customers to speak with customer service agents and sales associates only. However, the case for Patriot Group is different; it allows customers to fix appointments with the founder and meet him in person.

In addition, the company has a knowledgeable team of sales associates that customers can interact with. One of the clients we spoke to told us he had met with Joe in person, and the meeting was filled with valuable insights from the company’s CEO.

Patriot Trading Group Education

Patriot Trading Group offers education to visitors and customers through many channels on its website. These channels include blog posts, weekly podcasts, a live radio program, and a YouTube channel.

Patriot Trading Group Custodians and Storage

Another of Patriot Trading Group told us that the company has partnered with GoldStar Trust Company as its gold IRA services provider.

Here is the detail on Patriot Trading Group's website about its gold IRA services and storage: "For more information on how you can balance your IRA with gold, Call Patriot Trading Group today to set up your precious metal backed IRA: 800-951-0592. We sell gold, silver, and other applicable US precious metal coins for your IRA. Gold Star Trust Company uses Delaware Depository Service Company in Wilmington, DE, to store metals.”

How Do Customer Review Sites Rate Patriot Trading Group

BB Review and Customer Testimonials


0 complaint recorded on BBB in the last three years

Business Consumer Alllience Review

No Reviews Were Found

No Reviews Were Found

Google review

5 out of 5 stars

This rating was only based on4 reviews, so it is hardly statistically significant

Facebook Reviews

No Reviews Were Found

No Reviews Were Found

Trustpilot Reviews

No Reviews Were Found

No Reviews Were Found

Patriot Trading Group Promotions

Patriot Trading Group is not offering any promotions at the moment to new customers. To participate in American Hartford Gold's amazing promotional offer, open your gold IRA through them and GET $10,000 IN FREE SILVER when you qualify for a rollover.

American Hartford Gold Free Silver

Patroit Gold Pros And Cons

Patriot Trading Group is BBB-accredited and has been since 2014
The company has been around for a long time in the industry
The company’s customer service is decent
They have a verifiable owner, and you can meet with him one-on-one
They offer gold IRA services
They offer a DCA investment option through their precious metal program
They offer free educational materials to investors.
They do not have enough customer ratings on various consumer rating sites, and we found it hard to recruit enough past or present customers to get a good vine about this company
They offer a limited gold and silver coin selection
There is no platinum and palladium on their website
The past customers we did manage to interview stated they had often had issues with stock levels and being out of stock of many products

Patriot Trading Group Conclusion

To conclude this Patriot Trading Group review, Bear Lake Gold will give its unbiased opinion about this gold and silver IRA company.

We conclude that Patriot Group is not a scam company based on our extensive research subjectively and objectively. It is a precious metal company that has been on the scene for a while and has offered hundreds of customers gold and silver investment opportunities.

Its Precious Metals Program has even given it more reputation in the industry because it has paved the way for income earners of any class to invest in gold through the program. To top it all, investors can invest as little as $100 and as much as $10,000 monthly.

However, we will not recommend it for gold investment because of the following limitations that it has;

Limited Precious Metals Collection

The implication is that its investors will only have gold and silver numismatic coins in their investment portfolio. Such investors cannot boast of having a properly diversified precious metals portfolio.

Few Reviews on Customer Rating Sites

It does not have much reviews as a company that has been on the business scene since 1996. Hence, we can conclude that the people who have bought from the company were not satisfied with its services.

We consider these limitations as investment red flags. Therefore, we couldn’t rank the company among the first 30 in the industry.

While Patriot Trading Group is a good option in the precious metal market for investments, there are other far better options in the industry.

We suggest you purchase precious metals through our top three gold IRA companies; Augusta Precious Metals, Goldco, and American Hartford Gold. We have rated these companies so high because of the reasons below;

  • They have world-class customer service.
  • They offer a vast range of products for customers in the gold, silver, platinum and palladium categories.
  • They offer amazing exceptional products.
  • Their pricing is very competitive.
  • They have amazing educational programs.
  • You also get to enjoy free shipping services from them.
  • They have many positive reviews on various consumer rating sites showing that customers are satisfied with their services.

We have put other details about these companies and their reports in three separate guides. They can be yours if you click the relevant buttons in the ‘Top Three Patriot Trading Group Alternatives’ section below.

Our Recommended Alternatives To Patriot Trading Group

Our #1 Precious Metals & Gold IRA Company - Best Overall

Augusta Precious Metals is our best rated overall precious metals company

  • Customer care is exceptional
  • Pricing is highly competitive
  • Educational program second to none
  • The best FREE investment guide in the industry
  • Zero complaints on BBB & BCA
  • Free shipping on all orders

Our #2 Recommendation - Best For Promotions

Goldco is our second top rated gold and precious metal company. Having been top rated all of last year they were very close top Augusta Precious metals

  • Great promotional offers
  • Pricing is highly competitive
  • Educational program second to none
  • FREE investment guide in the industry
  • High buyback prices
  • Expert guidance provided by the team
  • First years fees waivered for new customers

Our #3 Gold & Silver Company -Great Prices and Great Customer Service

American Hartford Gold is our third top rated company.

  • A leading, recognized and trusted brand in the industry
  • A family owned and run business
  • Excellent customer service
  • Buy back guarantee
  • Free shipping
  • Promotional offers for new  customers
  • Transparent about cost
  • Diligent when it comes to compliance


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