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Goldco Review 2022 - Gold IRA Reviews What Are The Pros and Cons 
Are Goldco the Best Precious Metals IRA Company

Goldco Company Review

Our Aims and Methods

We produce many reviews a year to help identifying  the best precious metal dealers in the USA. Our Goldco reviews are designed to equip you with all the essential information you need to decide if Goldco is the best gold investment company to meet your needs.

Our aim on this page is to share our thoughts in the form of a Goldco Review, you can compare this one of our top three recommended gold companies with most of the other dealers in the USA precious metals market.

To see more about the methods we use to undertake reviews of any company please see our review methodology.

Everything You Need to Know about Investing Through Goldco Precious Metals

Goldco Precious Metals  is a precious metals investment company, and it has emerged as one of the best in the field. The company has become quite popular among investors and has been reviewed thoroughly. As such, it is essential to understand how the company works and whether or not it is a scam. It is worth noting that Goldco is based in California and operates as per the existing US laws. With this investment option, you will be able to roll all or part of your retirement savings into gold or silver bullion.

Bearlakegold recommend that your never hold all of your retirement savings in any single kind of asset,  this includes holding all of your retirement funds in precious metals, gold or silver or similarly all of your retirement wealth in stock, shares, bounds, art or any other single assets class. 

Goldco Review - Are Goldco Really the Best For Gold IRAs?

Goldco is registered in California and follows the privacy laws of the state. It is also ADA compliant. The company has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and it has an AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance. Goldco has also been awarded INC 5000 recognition for five years. The site operates in accordance with IRS guidelines. Lots of investors have worked with this company, and most of them have reported positive experienced with the platform. On Trustpilot, 91% of Goldco clients have given the company an ‘excellent’ rating. The average rating of Goldco on Trustpilot is 4.8 stars.

It is worth noting that the company partnered with Ron Paul in 2017 in an effort to educate investors on the importance of protecting their investment accounts. This adds legitimacy to the company.

Goldco Review- Why Should You Invest in an IRA Precious Metal Account?

investing in silver as part of your retirment savings
Gold silver has been valued by human beings for a very long time, and it has proved to retain its value over time. Unlike fiat currencies, it doesn’t lose value every year. Based on recent trends, gold IRAs can outperform the Dow Jones and S&P 500. As a client of Goldco, you will be guaranteed that your coins will have a fineness level of .995. The company sources high-quality gold coins from different mints around the world. Here are some of the gold coins you can purchase through Goldco:

• Gold American Eagle- This is the official gold bullion of the USA, and it was first minted in 1986. It is issued by the US Mint and comes in four different weights. • Gold Maple Leaf- This coin is struck by the Royal Canadian Mint, and it was first minted in 1979. It has a purity level of .9999. • American Gold Buffalo- This is the first 24 karat gold bullion coin to be issued by the US Mint. It was first minted in 2006 and is extremely popular among investors and collectors. • Gold American Bald Eagle- This coin was struck by the Perth Mint and pays tribute to the American national symbol.

Other coins you can purchase through Goldco are Gold Military Guinea, Gold Freedom Coin, Gold Freedom and Hope, Gold Lucky Dragon, and Gold Australian Saltwater  

Most Favored Goldco Gold Coins

reverse of gold american eagle as part of goldco ira
gold mapple leaf coin as part of goldco ira

Why Should You Invest in a Silver Individual Retirement account 

There are a few good reasons why you should invest in a precious metals IRA. Over the past few years, the industrial usage of silver has grown significantly. This has increased the demand for the precious metal, and the declining supply of the metal has helped to boost its price. Since precious metal IRAs are not coordinated to the stock market performance, they can help you spread your risk. While silver can be a little volatile, it is generally considered a safe haven for investors. Again, Goldco ensures that all its silver coins and bullion have a minimum fineness requirement of .999. Some of the coins you can purchase through the company are the Silver American Eagle, the Silver American Eagle Proof, Silver American Bald Eagle, and the Silver Maple Leaf.

Silver coins can make an excellent investment and should definitely be considered if you are thinking of migrating your 401k retirement plan. The transfer of part of your 401k plan into precious metals can help diversify and protect your existing retirement investment portfolio.

free $10,000 in silver

What Are Goldco Fees?

A FAQ we often get is what are Goldco fees and prices?

Goldco has a minimum purchase amount of $15,000 for gold or silver coins or bullion.

They have the advantage of charging a flat annual fee rather than a percentage of the value of assets stored. We have found this beneficial if you hold a large amount in a plan like a Gold IRA.
When you invest in precious metals IRA, you will not receive the physical coins or bullion bars.

Also, Goldco does not hold your coins or bullion directly and instead works with secure depositories around the USA. You can communicate with the customer support team of Goldco to find the best repositories for your precious metals. If you want to monitor the performance of your investment, you will have to check the customer dashboards of Goldco’s custodians. These custodians include Self Directed IRA and Equity Trust. Goldco does not allow investors to keep their gold coins at home as this is forbidden by the IRS

The charges for Gold or other precious metal storage or custodian fees depend on your selected custodian or depository company.

These fees are separate from any fees charged by Goldco and typically cost $10 to $70 a month. Suppose you are storing your precious metals with a custodian that charges a percentage of the value of assets stored, rather than a flat fee. In that case, charges typically range between 0.3% and 1.5% of the value of the assets you hold annually.

Is it Risky to Invest in a Gold or Precious Metals IRA?

As part of our Goldco review for 2022 we had to look at risks  Like all other investments, Goldco precious metals IRA have an element of risk. The prices can fluctuate depending on certain factors. However, in the long run, the prices of silver and gold generally go up. Here are some factors which can affect the price of gold:

  • Inflation- Inflation lowers the value of a currency, and this is why people flock to gold and other precious metals when the inflation rate is high. The increased demand will raise the price of these metals.
  • Interest rates- The price of gold will also rise when interest rates drop. With lower interest rates, people don’t get good returns on their deposits, and this will increase the demand for gold. This eventually leads to an increase in the price of gold.
  • Central bank reserves- Since the US dropped the gold standard in 1971, central banks have been accumulating gold reserves. As these banks purchase more gold, the price of the precious metal rises.
  • The value of the USD- In international markets, gold is traded with the USD, so any fluctuations in the value of the currency will affect the price of gold. A stronger USD will usually keep the price of gold low and stable.

Other factors that determine the price of gold are the industrial demand, the performance of the jewellery market, and the worldwide production of gold.

Since you will not take physical possession of the coins, there is no risk of theft. You also don’t need to go through the hassle of finding storage space for the metals since this will be done by Goldco. Also, the company guarantees the purity level of the coins, and it works with some of the best mints in the world.

avoid scam gold ira companies

Are there Penalties for Moving Assets from My Retirement Account to a Gold  IRA

Goldco gold ira penalty

No, you will not be penalized for moving assets from your retirement account to a gold IRA. You will also not pay any more taxes for the transaction. However, you should be careful to complete the transfer in the right way. You can consider getting tax and legal advice before rolling over the funds. These specialists will also be able to let you know how long the transfer will take. In most cases, you will be able to transfer the funds within two weeks, but the exact period will depend on several factors.

Which Precious Metals Can I Invest in via Goldco?

The most popular precious metals are gold and silver, but these are not the only options offered at Goldco. You can also invest in platinum and palladium. Here are some reasons why you should consider buying platinum:

  • Platinum has been selling at a premium to gold, and this trend has been sustained over the past decades. Even in cases where platinum fell below gold, its price has recovered quite fast.
  • This precious metal offers very low risk to investors as its price is quite stable.
  • Its price is not coordinated with the performance of traditional assets, so it can help you diversify your investments.
  • It performs very well in periods of economic recovery.
  • Historically, platinum has performed well in the long run, so it can work as a hedge against inflation.

There are also great reasons for investing in palladium, and these include the following:

  • Environmental protection laws in recent years have led to an increase in the use of palladium in catalytic converters.
  • Palladium is extremely scarce, and this has helped to drive its price up.
  • Palladium moves inversely to the price of the USD, so it can work as a hedge against inflation.

You should remember that there are no guarantees on the prices of these precious metals. They may rise or fall depending on different factors. However, if you go by historical trends, the risk with these metals is extremely low.

Goldco - Legit or Scam What Is The Bottom Line.

Goldco gives investors the opportunity of purchasing gold and silver IRAs. The company has risen quickly to become one of the best precious metals investment companies. As a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited company they have achieve an A+ rating as an accredited business and customer reviews see them rated as 4.83/5.

The minimum investment you can make in this company is $25,000, and this can be rolled over from other retirement accounts. Because of IRS regulations, investors cannot take physical ownership of the precious metals. Instead, the coins and bullion will be held in secure depositories around the USA. If you want to store the coins in your home or other places of your choice, you can simply make bullion or coin purchases without using an IRA.

Frequently Asked Questions About Goldco IRA Gold Accounts.

Is Goldco a legitimate company?

As part of our Goldco reviews we can categorically answer this question with a YES, this company is registered in California and has to follow the laws of the state. It also complies with IRS regulations. Goldco has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and it has a Triple A rating from the Business Consumer Alliance.

Who can invest in a Gold or Silver IRA?

As long as you have earned income, you will be able to invest in a precious metals IRA

Can I keep the  IRA precious metals I purchase?

No, this company only helps investors purchase precious metals IRAs. It is not authorized to give investors legal or tax advice. As such, you should consider talking to a licensed specialist before you invest in these precious metals.

Do Gold and Silver IRAs cost more than traditional IRAs?

Yes, that is the short answer. As a rule, Goldco precious metals IRAs will cost a little more than traditional IRAs; this is because you have additional fees associated with the purchase and storage of your choice of bullion or  coins. However, Golcos' precious Metals IRA are very competitively priced when compared with other IRA custodians.

Can Goldco services give me tax or legal advice?

No, this company only helps investors purchase gold, silver, platinum or palladium metals IRAs. It is not authorized to give investors legal or tax advice. 

Can I get financial advice from representatives of Goldco Precious Metals?

Representatives at Goldco are not authorized to give investors financial advice, so you will have to hire a specialist for this purpose.

Which risks will I be exposed to when investing in precious metals IRAs?
Precious metals IRAs are extremely safe. However, you should still remember that the price of gold and silver may go down depending on certain factors, and this can lower the value of your investment. Also, you should note that this investment will not yield income.
What is a Gold and Silver IRA?
This is a self-directed individual retirement account that invests in gold and gold, silver, platinum or palladium. Instead of holding paper assets, this investment uses physical coins and bullion. With a precious metals IRA, the metals will be held in IRS-approved storage facilities
Where can I find more info about Gold and Silver IRA from Goldco Precious Metals?
To find out more information about Gold, Gold and Silver IRAs, precious metals IRA and precious metals investing, request an information pack by clicking this link
Why should I invest in a Gold  IRA?
You should invest in Gold IRA because it is a tax-efficient way to save for your retirement years. A Silver IRA is also an excellent hedge for inflation. Gold and other precious metals have primarily increased in value as inflation rises and the dollar's buying power decreases.
Can I purchase gold or silver without using an IRA?
Yes, Goldco allows investors to purchase precious physical metals without using an IRA. In this case, you will be able to collect the physical metals and store them at home. However, you should note that this option comes with the risk of theft or loss of the metals.
How does a Goldor Silver  IRA work
A Goldco  IRA or precious metal IRA works as a self-directed individual retirement account. The difference between a Precious metal IRA and a traditional IRA is that a Precious metals IRA allows you to purchase and keep various qualifying precious metal bullion and precious metals coins. A precious metals IRA was made possible when the US Congress allowed this in 1997.
What are Goldco precious metals  account storage and admin fees?
IRA Gold and precious metal storage fees will vary from broker to broker, and some offer free storage. It is worth requesting the Gold and Silver IRA information kits from each recommended Gold IRA provider on the site.
How much time do I have to deposit my 401k funds into my new Precious Metals IRA?
If you are rolling over your 401k plan into a Gold IRA or Precious Metals IRA, it is not a case of withdrawing the cash, holding it for a while and then purchasing your Gold or precious metals. The transaction is viewed as continuous and, therefore, should not incur any tax penalties. Withdrawing money from a 401k, 403b, or 457b can incur both State and Federal tax penalties,
Can I get Free Silver IRA?
free $10,000 in silver
How to pick the top Gold and Silver IRA investment company?
When picking a Gold IRA  Investment company, we advise you to look at the levels of
Customer services, the quality of the information provided, the quality of advice given, and the efficiency of operation are, in our opinion, the key things to consider when choosing which Precious Metals IRA company best suits your needs

What to do with your existing retirement account?
We advocate taking part of your existing retirement account a rolling it over into an IRA Precious Metals account. This has tax advantages and can help secure your investment capital against inflation. Gold has historically been a great hedge against inflation; as the value of the dollar goes down Gold seems to have gone up more times than not.
How Did You Undertake Your Goldco Review
Our Gold IRA Reviews are refreshed each year in addition to undertaking extensive online research and look at all the positive and negative reviews on the likes of BBB, Trust Pilot and BCA we also do our own independent research posing as prospective customers . We ask in depth questions about the market, the company and any complaints we have seen online. We ask about each companies process and how they help prospects and customers at each step in the precious metals buying process. We compare fees. We also check that each company is not overly aggression in the sales approach or that they are not offering legal or financial advice that they are not regulated to offer.
Is a Precious Metals IRA the same as a Goldco Precious Metals IRA?
Most people use the term Gold IRA much as we might call a vacuum cleaner a Hoover or, more recently, a Dyson; the words are often interchangeable. It is worth checking that the self-directed IRA you are considering will allow you to include all the different types of precious metals you wish to invest in.  Some  IRA companies might not offer one or more of the approved precious metals.  We know Goldco Precious Metals allows you to include all four major precious metals within your IRA. 
Goldcos precious metals IRA - are they guaranteed?
Just as your 401 k is not guaranteed to rise, nor is your Goldco IRA, nor is any other  Precious Metals IRA account from other companies guaranteed to grow or beat inflation.  The value of the plan is solely dependent on the price of the precious metals that help with the plan on the day you look to value it or sell part or all of your gold, silver, platinum or palladium.

From time to time Goldco have been know to offer promotions of various kinds including free silver coins or ingots when you open a gold IRA account it is always worth checking which you can do by registering your interest here
Can I migrate my existing IRA to Goldco IRA Precious Metals
You can migrate an existing or part of an existing IRA to a Goldco precious metals IRA.  To find out more about migrating yoiur existing IRA to a Gold IRA retirement account click here. here
Goldco Reviews
Where can I find more details of your Goldco precious metals IRAS or other gold and silver IRAs offered by the Goldco precious metals company?  Click here
Goldco Retirement Accounts
Goldco offers traditional IRAs in the form of gold and silver IRAs that can be held in coins and bars consisting of eligible silver and gold coins and bars. You can also include these types of self-directed IRAs Platinum and Palladium. The ability to buy, store and invest in precious metals is why these accounts are more popular than additional self-directed can I 
Can I invest in a precious metal IRA from MY 401k retirement plan ?
You can roll over all or part of your 401k into physical precious metals, although we only recommend you roll over a portion of your 401k plan into physical precious metals. A Goldco Gold IRA has a relatively low minimum investment level and you could qualify for up to $10,000 in free silver.

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