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Monarch Precious Metals Review

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Bear Lake Gold's Monarch Precious Metals review seeks to present our views on this precious metal company and what it sells in the industry; we will also give you up-to-date facts about Monarch Precious Metals' management team, the company's IRA offerings, and its precious metal promotions.

We used our homed Gold broker review methodology to carry out this review. The primary facts in this review are the results of our multiple interviews and online meetings with the company's customers and employees.

Using our review methodology, we did not rank Monarch Precious Metals among our first thirty best precious metals companies in the precious metals niche. From what we learned we believe the company has major flaws that we could not overlook. If you wish to discover more details on the flaws we identified, read till the end of this review.

At Bear Lake Gold, we care about your money and investment goals. For this reason, we set out our mission to help you find the best precious metals dealers, brokers, and companies in the industry. Because we have interviewed and sought customer feedback from over one hundred companies in this sector and spoken to over one thousand clients from these companies, we believe we are in a great position to produce these reviews and come up with our recommendations as to the best companies in this sector.

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monarch precious metals review

Monarch Precious Metals

Introduction to Monarch Precious Metals

Monarch Precious Metals is a precious metals refinery. The company is located in Southern Oregon, United States. It began operations in 2008 as a reaction to the financial crises that hit the global finance industry. Due to the financial crisis, people's interest in precious metals rose, leading to increased demand for gold, silver, platinum and palladium. The company was established as a direct response to the increased demand in 2008.

It mints and distributes silver, gold, and copper products. When we spoke to the company and asked them to describe their core business, they told us,  "From refined raw material, we manufacture poured style bars and mark them the old fashioned way, which gives them a rustic look that collectors love. We also strike rounds and bars for investors looking for a more polished product. We are a privately held company headquartered in Southern Oregon's beautiful Rogue Valley."

Monarch Precious Metals Management Team

Despite requesting information about the company’s management team on several occasions, we did not get any detail concerning the people in the company's management team. The company is not transparent about those in its management team.

What is Monarch Precious Metals Selling?

The company is a precious metals refinery that mints and distributes its silver and gold bullion products. The company also sells precious metals products in the following categories:

  • Copper
  • Gift Ideas
  • Supplies
  • S. Coins

Monarch Precious Metals Products and Services

Customers can buy products in the categories mentioned above through the company's online marketplace.

Precious Metals IRA (Individual Retirement Account)

The company mints and sells gold, silver, and copper. They do not offer precious metal IRA services. If you are looking for a company to set up a precious metals IRA for you, you must look elsewhere. We suggest you open or fund your precious metals IRA through any of our top three companies; Augusta Precious Metals, Goldco, and American Hartford Gold.

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Monarch Precious Metals has a specialty in silver. Most of the precious metal products that the company mints are silver products. Listed in the company's catalog, are silver products in the following categories;

  • Rounds
  • Bars
  • Novelty Products
  • Specialty Products

The product categories in the Silver Round section are;

  • One-ounce Silver Zodiac Round
  • Rounds for Specific Occasions and Holidays
  • Oversize and Fractional Rounds

The categories of products in the Silver Bar section are;

  • Building Blocks
  • Minted Bars
  • Other Specialty Silver Bars

In the Specialty Silver Bars Category, you will find the following products;

  • Skulls
  • Monarch Precious Metals Egyptian Series Silver
  • Building Blocks
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The company also refines gold. You can buy fine gold rounds stamped with the company's logo, which are available in various designs. Before shipping, the company seals the products in a capsule.

It sells 1/10th ounce gold bars. It is the only gold bar weight and design available for sale. 

Its silver selection is wider than its gold selection. Therefore, it is a good place for investors looking to invest in a wide range of silver products.


You can buy copper products through the company’s website in the following categories.

  • Copper dominoes
  • One-ounce copper zodiac design
  • Copper dice

Its gold selection is wider than its copper selection. Therefore, it is not an ideal company for investors looking to invest their money in a wide range of copper bars and coins.

Gift Ideas

Monarch Precious Metals offers a range of gift ideas for your loved ones. You will find products in these special gift categories;

  • Pure Copper Gifts
  • Custom Engraved Items
  • Fine Silver Gifts

In the Fine Silver Gift category, some of the products you will see are;

  • Custom Engraved Poker Chips
  • Bigfoot Coins
  • Spinning Toys (made from silver)
  • Dia De Los Muertos Sugar Skull Silver Rounds
  • 3D Minted Silver Baseballs

These are only a few special products that Monarch Precious Metals mints. Buying these products looks more like buying novelty products rather than serious investment products.

Zodiac Rounds are the most common products in the copper gift category. Every round in this category is designed like the twelve Zodiac signs. They are perfect gifts for your loved ones who associate their personalities with astrology and star signs.

If you buy any gift products, the company packages the products in their gift bags or boxes. However, you can choose a separate gift box if you want. There is a section of the company's website dedicated to that too. You can buy your preferred packaging products for copper and silver from this section. Before buying its packaging products, you may not even necessarily buy precious metals from Monarch Precious Metals.

Besides the gift boxes, the company also sells other packaging products.

  • Genuine Leather Pouches
  • Plastic Capsules
  • Genuine Leather Drawstring Bags

These packaging materials can also protect the various coins you wish to buy.

U.S. Coins

You can also buy different U.S. Coins from the company in different packages. It has products in the category that can appeal to different collectors.

For instance, you can buy a roll of pennies, all dated before 1940. However, the information regarding the exact years of the coins and their potential worth is not available on the website. If you are a collector that likes to investigate the coins you buy, finding out this mystery (the coins’ worth and dates) might interest you.

Collectors can also buy a bag of 5,000 pennies with mixed dates. The pennies in this bag are dated between 1909 to 1958. They are also called wheat cents.

You can purchase a copper roll of pennies. These pennies have different mint marks and date ranges. The company sells Buffalo Nickels. You can buy a roll of 40 of these Buffalo Nickels. These coins have differing quality and minting dates like the other coins.


Monarch Precious Metal also sells supplies. They have a section containing coin tubes, folders, and albums. Each of these categories is optimized to suit the different purposes of collectors.

You can also buy other miscellaneous coins collecting supplies through the company's website. These are more novelty coins than serious investment products.

You can also buy books that will guide you to certain refineries and the coins they minted at particular times.


Monarch Precious Metals does not ship products internationally. They can only ship to customers within the United States. It ships clients' orders using the United States Postal Service through Priority Mail or First-Class Mail. If your order is worth over $1999, the company will require your signature when you receive the shipped products.

In addition, Monarch Precious Metals fully insures every shipped order against loss or damage during transit. If you place an order for precious metals through its online marketplace, the company will clear your payment and then process and ship your order within one to three business days. After shipping, product delivery takes about two to six business days to reach clients within the United States. The company does not ship its products on weekends and holidays.

Finally, all gold and silver products sales from the company are final. Monarch Precious Metals does not offer buyback programs for these products except for silver shot/grains.


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How Do Customer Review Sites Rate Monarch Precious Metals?

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Trustpilot Reviews

3.7 out of 5 Stars.

This rating was based on only one review, it is therefore statistically insignificant.

Monarch Precious Metals Promotions

When we wrote this review, we found no information about any promotion on its website. Suppose you want to buy precious metals or invest in precious metals IRA through trusted organizations offering promotions to their new and existing clients. In that case, we recommend investing through any of our top three rated precious metals IRA firms. When we conducted this Monarch Precious Metals review, Goldco offered its new customers up to $10,000 worth of free silver if they qualified for IRA rollover. You can check Goldco's website for its current promotions by clicking the banner below.

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Monarch Precious Metals Pros and Cons.

Monarch is a USA based company
They sell gold silver and cooper metals in various forms
It is worth checking out the spot price on their silver products as these can at times be very competitive
Monarch Precious Metals are not BBB-accredited
They do not offer gold IRA services
We found very few online reviews and also struggled to recruit past customers to interview
Our mystery shopper experience with the customer care team was very poor
All transaction are final, if you cancel an order Monarch reserves the right to close your account

Conclusion to our Monarch Precious Metal Review

Bear Lake Gold's final verdict on Monarch Precious Metals is that Monarch Precious Metals are not a scam company; instead, they are a legitimate refiner and seller of the metals we have listed.

However, in our opinion, they may not be the best precious metals dealer if you want to make longer-term investments, particularly through such a vehicle as a gold IRA.

We have doubts about this company for several reasons, including the company's lack of transparency about its management team is a major red flag. As an expert review company, it is disturbing for a company not to publish details of its leadership team. We have previously found that sometimes, this lack of transparency could stem from credibility issues or a lack of experience within the management team.

Another major flaw that has made us not recommend this company is its lack of reviews. According to some of Monarch Precious Metals' customers we contacted, the company has terrible customer service. As experts, we have previously discovered 90% of precious metals companies with very few reviews either do very little business or offer less than average customer service levels.

Lastly, the company does not offer precious metals IRA services. They also have a limited range of products in all categories except silver provision. We advise investors to avoid putting all their eggs in one basket. While it is good to invest in silver, it is always better to diversify your holdings by adding other precious metals to your collection.

When considering opening a precious metals IRA, it is essential that you deal with a company that is both proven in the marketplace and that offers a wide range of eligible metals to include within your gold IRA plan. Monarch is neither of these things, it is not BBB-accredited and has very few good reviews, and we failed to find any customers that would sing their praises.

Therefore, if you want to grow your wealth by investing in a diverse precious metals portfolio or precious metals IRA, we would not advise you to invest through this company. Rather, we advise you to invest through one of our top three recommended companies. To see why we have suggested these companies, click the buttons in the next section to get their full information kits and buyer guides.

Our Recommended Alternatives To Monarch  Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals is a top-tier precious metals dealer. The company also offers precious metals IRA establishment and rollovers from 401k 403 and 457b plans They sell a wide range IRS IRA-eligible precious metals at some of the best prices in the industry

Goldco is a leading precious metals company with BBB-accreditation. The company has won many awards and celebrity endorsements for its amazing products and services in the industry. They offer premium quality precious metals and gold IRA solutions to clients, in the United States. They have a specialist department that focuses on helping potential customers rollover the previous retirement plans into gold and precious metal IRA plans and will hold your hand through every steps of the process.

American Hartford Gold is a top-rated gold IRA dealer. The company offers its clients expert IRA services and premium quality precious metals products.

The company offers buyback services and the best investment solutions for families, especially within the United States

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