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Augusta Precious Metals Review 2022

In This Review, We Recommend Augusta Precious Metals To  Help Protect Your Retirement Funds.

Your Finances Are Under Attack From Inflation Higher Interest Rates and Stock Market Volitility 

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Augusta Precious Metals  - Company History

August Precious Metals (APM) is a privately-owned business established in 2012. The company specializes in the production and distribution of bullion products, primarily gold and silver,  A

Mr. Isaac Nuriani founded August Precious Metals to help retirement savers diversify their investments.

Since being formed Augusta has received thousands of customer testimonials all praising the company on the likes of 

  • Better Business Bureau

  • Better Bussines Burreau Accreditied Company
  • TrustLink

  • Google My Business

  • Business Consumer Alliance

  • Facebook


Augusta Reviews on third party sites.

Augusta Precious Metals is one of the leading providers of gold pr silver IRA plans. Money magazine recently chose this company as the Best Gold IRA Company Overall for 2022, and Investopedia selected Augusta as Best for Transparency in 2022.

Augusta Precious Metals provide two different types of bullion coin and bullion bar accounts:  

(1) for retirement investors who want to own a gold IRA and get additional tax advantages and

(2) for investors of all types (including retirement investors) who want to preserve value outside a government retirement account.

The second subcategory is called a “cash account” or a “bullion/coin account.” Augusta’s particular expertise in both types of accounts is one of the primary reasons we have chosen to name it our top pick for Precious Metal IRA providers.

With both types of accounts, in addition to its expertise as a company that solely focuses on gold and silver, the choice of this company at the top of our list is pretty much a no-brainer due to the lack of complaints on most consumer watchdog websites, price benefits, and demonstrate transparency. We aren’t the only ones who have chosen Augusta first in this sector.

One of the prime reasons in this Augusta Precious Metals review we recommend Augusta so highly is its exceptional educational offerings. Led by Devlyn Steele, the education program includes personal consultations and webinars to help potential customers understand the economy and gold IRAs better.

The team at Augusta Precious Metals conducts itself in pre-sales education, and account setup is amazingfantastic – and clearly sets it apart from other companies. The clincher for us is that Joe Montana’s own financial team found and recommended Augusta to him over other companies. He loved the Augusta mission so much; he’s now the company’s ambassador and customer.

We recommend Augusta Precious Metals for gold and silver purchases, either premium coins, non-premium coins or bullion purchases inside a precious metals IRA and outside an IRA.amazing fantastic

Augusta Precious Metals Reviews for Bullion/Coin IRA Accounts

Investing a 401k into gold ira

Many American investors choose to purchase bullion gold and bullion silver within an IRA account that offers additional tax advantages. It is in this category that Augusta Precious Metals excels and is the primary reason we have chosen them to head our list of recommended providers.

For investors who have saved for many years to fund their retirement, this can be a beneficial way to diversify savings and gain peace of mind. A bullion IRA account with Augusta, officially categorized as a self-directed IRA, allows investors to take advantage of the inherent value and qualities of physical gold and silver, while also tapping into valuable IRA advantages.

Bullion IRA owners who work with Augusta enjoy many of the same benefits that owners of bullion/coin cash accounts do. Even though some rules must be followed for custodians and storage, an Augusta gold or silver bullion/coin IRA allows investors to:

  • manage and control their own physical precious metals accounts
  • enjoy the inherent stabilizing qualities of bullion gold and silver bars and coins
  • choose their own bullion/coin IRA storage facility
  • enjoy the confidence of knowing bullion investment products are diversifying savings
  • avoid mainstream banking, which does not normally deal in bullion

To make this kind of account work well for you, it’s important to find a bullion IRA account provider that offers a simple, streamlined process and reliable, proven relationships with trusted custodians and storage facilities. Augusta Precious Metals not only provides all this but does so in a way that customers have noted in many places online, as is indicated by the company’s many 5-star reviews and ZERO complaints with the BBB and BCA over the entire life of the company.

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augusta Precuious Metals Gold IrA checklist

Augusta Precious Metals Bullion or Coin Accounts  (Cash Account) & Gold IRA Plans

investing in silver as part of your retirment savings

One of the biggest benefits of an Augusta Precious Metals cash account, outside  an IRA, is that it can be delivered to your home. There are no rules saying where you have to store your gold and silver from Augusta. In other words, the owner of the bullion precious metals bought from Augusta takes possession of their gold and silver personally and can store it wherever they want.

Advantages of owning bullion gold and silver from Augusta Precious Metals in a bullion bar or coin cash account include:

  • managing and controlling your own physical, non-paper precious metals assets
  • enjoying the inherent stabilizing qualities of bullion gold and silver
  • storing your precious metals bullion bars or bullion coins wherever you like
  • controlling your own security and insurance for your bullion products
  • avoiding mainstream banking, which normally does not deal in bullion
  • owning valuable bullion assets outside of any digital record system

When looking for a provider of bullion cash accounts, it’s important to choose a provider that provides a high level of service. Augusta Precious Metals clearly fits this bill. The company helps you get information you may need as the sole owner and controller of your precious metals. If you purchase bullion metals from a company that does not provide high levels of service, you may have questions you can’t find reliable answers to. It’s important to build a relationship with a bullion provider you can trust, and Augusta is our number one choice for this.

In addition, you should look for a bullion cash or IRA provider that covers most of your fees and costs, including shipping/delivery and transit insurance. Again, Augusta checks all of these boxes. If you plan to take delivery of your own precious metals and store them yourself, to preserve your privacy and the safety of your metals, Augusta ships your boxes of bullion in packages that do not identify what’s inside.

What Is in a Bullion/Coin Account?

Both bullion cash accounts and bullion IRAs with Augusta Precious Metals contain the same kinds of physical gold and silver. Although bullion/coin cash accounts can contain products of less purity, the forms of precious metals are often the same. They must be of a particular fineness to qualify as investment bullion.

usd versus gold

Augusta Precious Metal Bullion Bar Sizes

Often, gold and silver owners will choose a bar size that meets particular storage needs. Banks and bullion dealers commonly choose a 400-troy-ounce bar that is convenient for storing large quantities.

Augusta provides a variety of the most common forms of bullion bars to meet different customer investment needs. The company’s order desk is staffed by bullion specialists who know more about these options than just about anyone else in the industry.

The Augusta Precious Metals order desk personnel will go over all the different sizes and purities of bullion available. If you have a bullion gold account outside an IRA and you will store your own precious metals, you can choose whatever forms of bullion bars or coins you like. Augusta is particularly adept in its knowledge of collectible or premium coins that are most common for different customer needs.

Bullion Bar Security

As you can imagine, owning pure gold or silver can create a risk of theft. Whether you store your own bullion metals or use a secure storage facility, you may want to choose bullion bars that can be easily identified in the event of theft. Again, Augusta’s personnel on the order desk are extremely knowledgeable about these options, and this is part of what they can help you learn about.

Some features that help law enforcement and investors identify specific bullion bars they own include the following:

  • registered bullion serial numbers
  • bullion certificate of authenticity
  • protective packaging for bullion bars to prevent tampering and damage
  • a bullion Kinegram insert
  • diffraction bullion bar treatment

Bullion Coin Forms

investing in silver as part of your retirment savings

Augusta Precious Metals is known for its knowledge of bullion coins that are appropriate for both cash accounts and IRA accounts.

Just like bullion bars, bullion coins are made from refined precious metals. They also are struck in a variety of different weights and fineness, which often depends on whether the coins are intended for legal tender or investment. In the United States, bullion coins must have been minted after 1800, have a purity of not less than 900 thousandths, and have been used as legal tender in this country. If they don’t meet the last requirement of those three, they are considered “rounds.”

Bullion coins are normally measured in Troy ounces. Coins often sell for a premium over the basic market price of the metal on commodities exchanges because they are smaller and have costs associated with manufacturing, storing and distributing them. The amount of premium on the increased price depends on a variety of factors, including the type of precious metal in the coin, the weight and the type of coin. The value of bullion coins is also affected by demand for different types of coins — or collectibility.

The most common metals used in the manufacture or minting of bullion coins are gold and silver. Common weights for gold bullion coins include 1-ounce, half-ounce, quarter-ounce, and 1/10 ounce. Silver bullion coins are most commonly found in 1-ounce weights.

Augusta Precious Metals can help you sort out these factors and determine what best fits your strategy. The company will help put together a gold and silver portfolio under your instruction and guide you through the process of purchasing bullion coins and bars and getting them sent to the appropriate location for storage.


Investment Qualities of Bullion Coins and Bars Thru Augusta Precious Metals Gold IRA

One of the best qualities of Augusta Precious Metals as a gold bullion and silver bullion provider is its deep knowledge of how gold and silver fit into the economy as an investment option. The company makes a special effort to provide education to Americans – information that is not always shared by financial advisors because they don’t offer gold and silver as an option.

Augusta offers both bullion coins and bullion bars. Bullion coins often carry additional value based on their rarity and beauty, which increases their demand. For that reason, premium bullion coins are often chosen by investors as a hedge against inflation, as are bullion bars. This comes from a worry that fiat currency (i.e., paper money not backed with any tangible item of value) has resulted in the government changing the value of the dollar through potentially irresponsible practices such as excessive borrowing, printing money or expanding available dollars through manipulative monetary policy.

As Augusta education team members often explain in their unique one-on-one web conferences, these fiat currency issues devalue the US dollar. Many investors believe physical precious metals can help prevent overall portfolio losses, because bullion bars and bullion coins provide effective diversification.

Gold and silver, through history, have earned a track record and reputation for holding their value or increasing in value even in times of economic crisis.

How to Choose a Trustworthy Bullion Cash or Gold IRA Account Provider

No matter which type of precious metals bullion account you choose to own, you need the assistance and backing of a reliable provider company, and Augusta Precious Metals is our first choice in this regard. Ultimately, you are responsible for all the decisions that relate to your self-directed bullion cash or IRA account. However, there are often nuances with different types of accounts that are important to understand, not only to stay within regulations but to ensure the safety, security and investment quality of your gold and silver products.

As your precious metals bullion provider, Augusta Precious Metals can:

  • Ensure transparency. You should know the status of your transactions at all times and be able to see exactly what you are paying for.
  • Ensure compliance. Any bullion cash or IRA company you work with must be able to give you confidence that the company is following regulations on your behalf. In our opinion, the company must go above and beyond regulation and follow accepted standards of ethics and honesty. At Augusta Precious Metals, compliance is always at the forefront. Augusta Precious Metals even have dedicated compliance team, and a compliance webpage where you can see exactly what they do to follow regulations.
  • Provide for liquidity. Although, by law, no company can guarantee they will buy back your precious metals, you should work with a company that has a track record of buying back customer products. Augusta states that it has never refused a request to buy back metals.
  • Demonstrate a positive reputation. To gain confidence in your bullion cash or IRA account provider, do your own research to see customer reviews, consumer watchdog ratings, and numbers of complaints. In all of these areas, Augusta Precious Metals stands out from the rest of the companies we have reviewed. In particular, the company can boast no complaints from the top consumer watchdogs, BBB and the BCA.

To summarize, Augusta Precious Metals offers both cash purchased bullion bar and coin accounts AND bullion IRA accounts to fulfill your investment goals, whether you want to invest within or outside of government sponsored accounts. The company has an exceptional record of providing both types of accounts in a reliable, transparent, quality service manner. The quality of the company is well-documented through thousands of 5-star reviews, high ratings from industry watchdogs, ZERO complaints from the BBB and BCA over the entire life of the company, its superior educational offerings, and the really helpful recommendation of this company by none other than Joe Montana’s personal financial team over other gold companies.

For more information, be sure to check out Augusta Precious Metals here. They provide excellent information around purchasing gold and other precious metals both inside and outside of IRA plans.  To request your guide without any further obligation, please click here 

Augusta Precious Metals Review - How Can Augusta Help Protect Your Retirement Savings?

There are many potential negative influence on the financial well-being of your retirement savings and one of them is inflation. As we have seen in American history, silver and gold have been used as a standard by which money can be measured. Before an American dollar was adopted in 1785, paper money wasn't widely used. Prior to the formation of the Bank Of The United States, the American dollar was backed by silver and gold.

For example: One dollar in 1778 would be worth $138 in today's money.

Commercial interests say that a diversified portfolio is the best way to protect your assets. This is why Augusta Precious Metals can help you further diversify the types of ways your split your savings or retirement savings.

A gold IRA from Augusta Precious Metals account allows you to own real gold and silver.

Augusta Precious Metals are experts in providing gold IRA account services to customers across the country.

Working with Augusta Precious Metals, you will be able to understand the general pros and cons of a gold IRA investment and then you can decide if this precious metals company is right for you.  Augusta can then provide information that helps you work out what combination of gold and silver might fit your goals best.

We believe Augusta’s self-directed gold IRA account is the best available in the USA today.

To combat inflation, political changes to financial policies and other conditions that can hurt your retirement savings you could consider using a gold or precious metals IRA from Augusta Precious Metals.

Act now and request the Augusta Precious Metals Gold IRA Guide – see why Joe Montana is one of their biggest fans and why he has an Augusta gold IRA. In this guide, you will see Augusta Precious Metals have thousands of 5-star ratings and hundreds of top reviews. You soon could be one of their satisfied customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Augusta Precious Metals Reviews

Do Augusta Sell Physical Gold and Silver?t isAan IRA?

Physical Gold and Silver are the mainstay of any precious metals IRA and are sold in all forms by Augusta Precious Metals

Is A Precious Metals IRA the Same as a Gold and Silver IRA is a Gold IRA?

A precious metals IRA is the same as a gold and silver IRA. In this precious metals review, the terms are interchangeable.

Can you buy Gold or Silver Coins In a Self-directed IRA From Augusta Precious Metals?

All gold IRa Companies can sell IRA-eligible gold and silver coins, gold and silver bullion, platinum bars or palladium bars. However  some companies choose not to offer all of the precious metal products.

Do Augusta Precious Metals Gold IRAs cost more than traditional IRAs?

Yes, that is the short answer. As a rule, gold and precious metal IRAs will cost a little more than traditional IRAs; this is because you have additional fees associated with the purchase and storage of your choice of bullion or precious metal coins. However Augusta Precious Metals Gold IRA is very competively priced.

How does an Augusta Precious Metals  Gold IRA work?
Augusta Precious Metals Gold IRA works as a self-directed individual retirement account. The difference between a Gold IRA and a traditional IRA is that a Gold IRA allows you to purchase and keep a variety of qualifying precious metal bullion and precious metals coins. A Gold IRA was made possible when the US Congress allowed this in 1997.
What are Augusta Precious Metals Offers?
Unlike many gold and silver IRAs, an IRA with August Precious Metals will not come with the offer of free coins like the Canadian silver maple leaf, or vast incentives like $10,000 of free silver
Can You Give Some Examples of Gold and Silver Coins Elligble for an IRA with Augusta Precious Metals
Many gold and silver coins are eligible for inclusion and available form this precious metal dealer these include such coins as the canadian silver maple leaf coin. gold american eagle coinand the south african gold krugerrand

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