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Our U.S. Money Reserve Review will provide Bear Lake Gold's professional opinions on this gold IRA company and its offerings in the precious metals industry. As a professional review company in the precious metals IRA industry, we will also give you current details about the company's management team members, fees and costs, and storage solutions.

We utilized our homed Gold IRA dealer review methodology in conducting this review process. We consulted the company's employees and clients as an important part of this U.S. Money Reserve review procedure.

We did not rate this company among the industry's top ten gold IRA firms based on our criteria, however we did rate them in our top thirty . The details from the staff and customers we contacted about the company’s offerings did not meet our review criteria.

Our review will clearly outline the information we got from these sources. If you wish to find out what they told us, read this review till the end.

As a professional review company, we place premium importance on our readers’ gold IRA investment plans and goals, specifically in the precious metals industry. Because we prioritize your investment plans and goals, we have carefully ranked the top three gold IRA investment companies we feel are safe for your investment needs. Our top three gold IRA companies are Augusta Precious Metals, Goldco, and American Hartford Gold.

We recommend these companies as the best for investing in a gold IRA or other  physical precious metals because they passed all the criteria in our precious metals dealer review methodology. If you are interested in why we have chosen them as our recommended top three investment companies in the industry, click the buttons below to get their complete and thorough information packs.

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U.S Money Reserve Reviews

U.S Money Reserve

Introduction to U.S. Money Reserve

The company is a precious metal IRA company that started in 2001 in Austin, Texas. It helps its clients set up their SDIRA (US Money Reserve Self Directed IRAs) and offers them IRA-eligible coins and bullion products. It does not partner with any custodian or depository for its precious metals IRA service. In addition, the company does not sell palladium precious metal products.

U.S. Money Reserve sells IRA-eligible precious metal products in the following categories; gold, platinum, and silver. When we spoke to one of the company's employees, he first told us about the company's focus.

He states, “the company aims at educating and informing clients about precious metals.” “Because of this focus, the company incorporated News and Knowledge Center sections on its website. From these sections, customers can get updates about investment news and other happenings in the precious metals market daily.” He added.

The company has a wide range of precious metals products in its inventory because it is America's largest precious metals distributor. In addition, the company has successfully built a community of people who have made fortunes through precious metals IRA investments because of the quality investment information it provides to its investors.

Furthermore, U.S. Money Reserve pays personal attention to its customers' investment needs through its customer relations department. When we talked to one of its investors, she told us that "she has had the best investment experience from the company, thanks to its customer relations department."

U.S. Money Reserve Management Team

The company's president is Philip N. Diehl. Phillip was the one-time Chief of Staff of the United States Treasury Department. He was also a director (35th) of the U.S. Mint.

What is the U.S. Money Reserve Selling?

The company has various precious metal investment options. Investors can invest in gold, silver, and platinum IRA-eligible coins and bullion through U.S. Money Reserve. It also offers IRA services for interested investors. In addition, it sells physical precious metals and can have them delivered to customers' doorsteps if they wish.

However, if customers buy IRA-eligible coins or bullion, the company can ship them to the customers’ preferred depository approved by the IRS.

They also sell commemorative coins. Commemorative coins can have  higher market value than regular ones as they usually have a limited number of minted coins.

U.S. Money Reserve Cost and Fees

The annual fee for a U.S. Reserve precious metals IRA is $250. The prices of the company's precious metal products can differ because of the changes in the market rates at different times.

Services/Products That U.S. Money Reserve Offers

US Money Reserve Gold Coins

  • American Eagle Bullion Coins
  • American Buffalo Bullion Coins
  • American Eagle Proof Coins
  • Austrian Philharmonic Coins
  • Australian Kangaroo/Nugget Coins
  • Perth Mint Bars
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Coins

US Money Reserve Silver

  • American Eagle Proof Coins
  • American Eagle Bullion Coins
  • Austrian Philharmonic Coins
  • Australian Kookaburra Coins
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Coins
  • Johnson Matthey Bars

US Money Reserve Platinum

  • American Eagle Bullion Coins
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Coins
  • Australian Koala Coins (platinum only)

U.S. Money Reserve Precious Metal IRA (Individual Retirement Account)

The company provides silver, gold, and platinum IRA eligible products to its clients. You can set up a new gold IRA or fund your precious metals IRA through the company. U.S. Money Reserve can help you transfer funds from an existing 401k or 403k account to your gold IRA. Moreover, you can choose to transfer the entire funds or part of it from your existing IRA with the company's help.

We do not recommend transferring your entire retirement funds into precious metals at Bear Lake Gold because we believe that a good retirement portfolio should be diverse. Having your retirement funds diversified into many different asset types helps reduce the risk of losing a larger portion of your funds due to a collapse in any given market. We generally suggest no more than 35% of your entire retirement fund is transferred into a precious metals IRA.

After they have helped you set up your precious metals IRA and funded it via rollover or transfer, you can start buying IRA-eligible precious metals through the company from your account. U.S. Money Reserve will move the IRA-eligible precious metals you bought to your preferred IRS-approved secure depository.

In addition, if you buy non-IRA eligible bullion or coins from the company, they can ship to your doorstep if you wish.

U.S. Money Reserve Storage

The company does not partner with any secure depository for storing precious metals belonging to its customers. Its customers decide on the IRS-approved depositories to which U.S. Money Reserve will ship their precious metals. For those who do not want their precious metals stored in a depository, the company can ship their products to their locations of choice within the United States.

What Makes United States Money Reserve Unique?

One of the selling points of the U.S. Money Reserve is its customer service. The company provides excellent and personalized customer service for its clients. In addition, they offer buyback services to customers. When customers return products to the company for any reason, the company pays back the price of the products in full. However, it does not pay for any extra charge that may have come with shipping.

Furthermore, when we spoke to another customer service team member, she told us that “customers can still return their precious metals even after 30 days. However, the company will refund them using the current prices of the metals in the market.” “Moreover, customers can still get their refunds at the original purchase price of the precious metals, but they will pay a 20% charge for the service.” She added

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How Do Customer Review Sites Rate U.S. Money Reserve

BB Review and Customer Testimonials
US Money Reserve Reviews on BBB.


The rating was from 24 US Money Reserve complaints closed in the last 36 months.

Business Consumer Alllience Review

US Money Reserve Reviews on  BCA (Business Consumer Alliance)


The rating was from a total of 7 Unnited States Money Reserve reviews.

Google review

3.9 out of 5 Stars.

The rating was from 40 reviews.

Facebook Reviews

U S Money Reserve Reviews on Facebook.

No Reviews Were Found

No Reviews Were Found

Trustpilot Reviews

3.7 out of 5 Stars.

The rating was from 1 review.

U.S. Money Reserve Promotions

While conducting this review, we contacted the company's customer service department to know if it offered any promotions. They told us that the company was not offering any at the time. If you aim to invest in a reliable precious metal IRA company offering promotional services now, we suggest you invest through our recommended gold IRA companies. When writing this review, Goldco offered free silver up to $10,000 to customers who invest in gold IRA through it.

free $10,000 in silver

U.S. Money Reserve Pros And Cons

U.S. Money Reserve are a BBB-accredited business
They offer a good Gold and Precious Metal setup and administration service
If your focus is on Gold Silver and Platinum they have a good range of products
We rated their education program as effective and good.
Overall we found less good ratings on review sites than we have liked to have seen for a company that has been operating in this space since 2001
When we spoke to some previous customer they had outstanding complains this was also reflected on the BBB review site.
Their annual fees seem a little high and there also seems to be no waiver offered if you are transacting higher volumes.
Th lack of a Palladium offering means you will have to source this precious metal from elsewhere should you want to include it within your IRA

U.S. Money Reserve Review Conclusion

Bear Lake Gold will give our final verdict about the U.S. Money Reserve to wrap up this review. Considering all the investigations that we carried out and the individuals we polled, we think the U.S. Money Reserve does not operate any for of scam, further more we also thing that US Money Reserve ripoff factor is currently a 0 rating out of 100.

Is US Money Reserve a goodcompany?

The company has been functioning in the U.S. since 2001 and is located in Texas. Moreover, its president is a reputable man in the industry and the United States civil service.

However, we do not think it will be best for you to invest in precious metals IRA through U.S. Money Reserve because they do not partner with any secure depository. As a new investor in the gold IRA investment niche, finding the perfect depository that suits their investment needs might be challenging. Hence, a company that has already partnered with an investment-friendly IRS-approved secure depository is needed.

Furthermore, you cannot hold palladium in your gold IRA through the company because they do not sell palladium. Its lack of palladium product is a limitation on your portfolio diversification. Palladium precious metals are not popular, but we advise investors to hold an amount of it in their IRAs.

Palladium is very useful in the automobile industry and has good potential in the future because of its applications. As a beginner, adding palladium precious metals products to your IRA is an opportunity for huge ROI when the demand increases in the precious metals market because of its importance in the automobile industry.

We have put together this review because we care about your choice of investment companies. We suggest you invest in a precious metal IRA through the best company for maximum peace of mind. Therefore in our expert opinion, the best companies to invest in gold IRA are our top three U.S. Money Reserve alternatives.

These companies will give you the best IRA investment services with low fees and the safest investment-friendly secure depositories in the United States for your storage solutions.

For more details about our top three U.S. Money Reserve alternatives, please click the links below in the next section of this review.

Top Three U.S. Money Reserve Alternatives

augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals is the foremost choice on our list of the industry's top precious metal IRA dealers. We advise you to invest in precious metals IRA through this company as a beginner in the precious metals investment niche.

The company has a rich education section to give you all you need to know about gold IRA investment. In addition, its team of experts will assist you in making the best investment decisions.

Goldco best ira company review

Goldco is another top-tier gold IRA dealer on our list of gold IRA companies. The company is a BBB-accredited dealer with multiple excellence awards and celebrity investments.

Hartford American

American Hartford Gold is one of the best gold IRA dealers, especially for family investment. The company is a family-based gold IRA firm in the U.S.

It provides one of the best customer support services in the industry and is known for its exceptional promotional offers.

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