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Our APMEX review will provide Bear Lake Gold’s expert views on this gold and precious metals company and what it offers as a gold IRA dealer in the precious metals industry. In addition, we will give you information about its products and services, information on the company’s leadership team, storage solution, and their cost and fees, together with details of where we rate this company in our list of the top one hundred gold and silver dealers.

We employed our homed gold IRA broker review methodology in conducting this review procedure. As part of our methodology, we communicate with people who have done business with the company in the past and at the present time, we also ask many questions of the company’s employees.

After evaluating all the in-person interviews and online research, we found, in our opinion, APMEX Gold were unworthy of being rated among our top twenty gold IRA firms in the industry.

Our APMEX review will contain the details we discovered and why we did not rate them among our first twenty companies in the precious metals industry. If you want to find out the nitty gritty behind our decision, please finish reading this review.

Bear Lake Gold’s focus is and always has been “to provide a guide to the best precious metal investment companies for investors who want to diversify their investment portfolio and grow wealth in preparation for their retirement years”.

For many years, we have carefully guided our readers on who we believe are the safest most diligent and reliable companies to invest in precious metals through.

We have carefully handpicked the precious metals companies that, in our opinion, are the best in the industry. These companies are Augusta Precious Metals, Goldco, and American Hartford Gold. When we reviewed these companies, we found that they are not only the best in the industry but also the best gold IRA investment companies for people in the United States.


#1 Recommendation Best Overall Precious Metal Provider


#2 Recommendation Best  Gold IRA Based On Price


#3 Recommendation  Most Reliable IRA Provider

Apmex review

APMEX Review Showing Pros and Cons

Introduction to APMEX

APMEX is an online precious metals retailer. The company sells silver, platinum, gold, and palladium. The company was founded in 2000, with its headquarters in Oklahoma. APMEX is one of the largest precious metals retailers in the industry. Since its inception, the company has sold more than 130 million gold and silver ounces globally. It only achieved such a great feat because of its vast online marketing network and business distribution model. At the time of writing this review, the company has established its presence in more than sixty countries of the world.

The company sells precious metals bullion bars, coins, and wafers. APMEX, since it began operations in 2000, has employed more than 200 talented employees from different backgrounds. Its choices of employees in the precious metals industry have given it the kind of growth it needs.

In addition, the company has a team of leaders that are extremely experienced in the precious metals industry.

APMEX is an American Numismatic Association member. It is a BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited business with an A+ rating.

The company is known in the industry for buying and distributing Platinum Bullion coins, Mint Gold and Silver Bullion.are also involved in corporate social responsibility via its involvement in the community. It is dedicated to aiding people in need. To solidify its commitment to helping the needy, it established the Regional Food Bank, a charity initiative. The NGO aims to tackle hunger and provide hope to those who cannot pay for good food. As part of the company's aim, it encourages employees, volunteers, and well-wishers to aid their cause in helping them take the needy out of their sufferings.

APMEX Management Team

The founder of APMEX is Scott Thomas. He is also APMEX’s president. The company has witnessed tremendous growth under his leadership and has become one of the biggest precious metals dealers worldwide.

The CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of APMEX is Kenneth Lewis. Kenneth has over two decades of experience in the precious metals industry, and his growth strategy and leadership pattern have helped drive the company to its current height.

enterprise bullion gold ira

What is APMEX Selling?

APMEX won the award of the largest single Numismatic organization in 2009 because of its large precious metals inventory. Today, the company still boasts of its large precious metals inventory. APMEX has a wide selection of precious metal products in the categories below.

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Palladium

While writing this review, the company's website showed that it has over 594 gold, 75 platinum, 3 palladium, and 1537 silver products in its inventory. APMEX also sells commemoratives, rare coins, American and global currency, copper, exonumia, and jewelry.

APMEX sells IRA-eligible precious metals for investors who want to save for retirement by investing in precious metals.

gold ira pros and cons

APMEX Costs and Fees

APMEX is very transparent about its product pricing and offers some of the best competitive prices for its’ precious metal products. All its products listed on its website have their prices attached to them.

For example, at the time of writing this review, the company sold its 1 oz PAMP Suisse Gold Bar for around $25. However, it sells its rarer collectibles for prices higher than what we have seen them elsewhere.

APMEX displays the spot prices of precious metals on its website, and these prices change every second depending on the global spot price. Included in the spot price display of precious metals on the APMEX website is each precious metal's ask and bid price. The company will give you a discount if you buy some of its products in large quantities.

APMEX’s gold IRA fees are based on the gold IRA custodian you prefer to work with. The company is not an IRA custodian but works with many custodians, and these custodians have different fees and pricing. 

Services/Products That APMEX Offers



  • Gold American Buffalo Coins
  • Gold American Eagle Coins
  • Gold Canadian Lunar Coins
  • Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Coins
  • Gold Perth Mint Lunar Coins
  • Gold Mexican Libertad Coins
  • Gold Perth Mint Kangaroo Coins
  • Gold Chinese Panda Coins
  • Gold South African Krugerrand Coins
  • Gold Perth Mint Swan Coins
  • Gold British Britannia Coins
  • Gold British Lunar Coins
  • Gold Austrian Philharmonic Coins
  • Gold British Queen's Beasts Coins


  • 1 gram Gold Bar - Valcambi (In Assay)
  • 1 gram Gold Bar - APMEX (TEP)
  • 1 kilo Cast-Poured Gold Bar - APMEX
  • 50 x 1 gram Gold Valcambi CombiBar™ (In Assay)
  • 1 oz Gold Bar - PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna Veriscan® (In Assay)
  • 1 oz Gold Bar - Credit Suisse (In Assay)
  • 5 oz Cast-Poured Gold Bar - 9Fine Mint


  • ½ oz Gold Round – Scotiabank (in Assay)
  • 10 x 1 gram Gold Bar – Holy Land Mint Dove of Peace
  • 1 oz Gold Round – Scottsdale Tombstone Hammered Gold



  • Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Coins
  • Silver American Eagle Coins
  • Canadian Silver Predator Series
  • Canadian Silver Wildlife Silver Series
  • Canadian Silver Birds of Prey Series
  • Silver Perth Mint Swan Coins
  • Silver Perth Mint Koala Coins
  • Silver Perth Mint Lunar Coins
  • Silver South African Krugerrand Coins
  • Silver Royal Mint Britannia Coins
  • Silver Mexican Libertad Coins
  • Silver Austrian Philharmonic Coins
  • Silver British Queen's Beasts Coins


  • 1 oz Silver Bar - Johnson Matthey
  • 1 oz Silver Bar - American Flag Design
  • 5 oz Silver Bar - APMEX
  • 1 kilo Silver Bar - APMEX (Stackable)
  • 10 oz Silver Bar - Royal Canadian Mint (.9999 Fine, New Style)


  • 1 oz Silver Round – Aztec Calendar
  • 1 oz Silver Round – Buffalo
  • 1 oz Silver Round – Freedom Liberty
  • 1 oz Silver Round – Bitcoin Round (BitPay)
  • Peanuts Snoopy 1 oz Silver Round
  • San Diego Zoo 1 oz Colorized Silver Penguin in TEP
  • San Diego Zoo 1 oz Silver Round Rhinocerous
  • 1 oz Silver Round – 9Fine Mint (Beehive)
  • 1 oz Silver Round – Walking Liberty (1916-1947)
  • 1 oz Silver Round – 2021 Liberty Trade Buffalo



  • Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf Coins
  • Platinum American Eagle Coins
  • Platinum Perth Mint Kangaroo Coins
  • Platinum 2017 Canada War of 1812 Coin
  • Platinum Perth Mint Koala Coins
  • Platinum Perth Mint Lunar Coins
  • Platinum Austrian Philharmonic Coins
  • Platinum Perth Mint Platypus Coins
  • Platinum Somalian Elephant Coins
  • Platinum Chinese Panda Coins
  • Platinum British Britannia Coins
  • Platinum South African Krugerrand Coins
  • Platinum Switzerland Shooting Thaler Coins
  • Platinum British The Queen's Beasts Coins


  • 1 gram Platinum Bar - Multigram+25 PAMP Suisse (In Assay)
  • 1 gram Platinum Bar - Valcambi (In Assay)
  • 1 oz Platinum Bar - PAMP Suisse (In Assay)
  • 5 gram Platinum Bar - Credit Suisse (In Assay)
  • 10 oz Platinum Bar - Johnson Matthey


  • 1 oz Platinum Round - APMEX (In TEP Package)


  • Palladium Russian Ballerina Coins
  • Palladium Canadian Maple Leaf Coins
  • Palladium American Eagle Coins
  • 1 oz Palladium Bar - PAMP Suisse (In Assay)
  • 1 gram Palladium Bar - Valcambi Suisse
  • 1 oz Palladium Round - Johnson Matthey Lewis & Clark (In Assay)

50x 1 gram Palladium

Precious Metals IRAs

APMEX sells IRA-eligible precious metals. Its metals meet IRS standards and purity. However, the company is not an IRA custodian but partners with various trusted IRA custodians in the industry.

Rare Coins

Silver Dollars

  • Morgan Silver Dollars
  • Liberty Seated Dollars
  • Peace Silver Dollars
  • Trade Dollars
  • Early Silver Dollars (1794-1839)
  • Silver Eisenhower Dollar

Pre-1933 US Gold Coins

  • $20 Gold Liberty Double Eagle Coins
  • $5 Gold Liberty Half Eagle Coins
  • $20 Gold Saint Gaudens Double Eagle Coins
  • California Territorial and Fractional Gold Coins
  • $5 Indian Half Eagle Coins

Other Investment Opportunities

Aside from investing in precious metals coins, rounds, and bars through APMEX, you can buy US. paper notes and currency, other countries' paper currencies, and confederate currency. APMEX also sells copper bars, rounds, bullets, and jewelry.


If you want to save money by finding the best investment precious metal deals, you can do that through APMEX. The company has a section on its website titled ‘DEALS.’ In this section, you will find various precious metals for discounted prices. When you browse through this section, you will see the actual price of these metals, how much you will be saving when buying them from the deals section of the website, and their discounted prices.

When we asked one of APMEX's employees about this section, he said, "To stay updated on the precious metals with discounted prices, you can sign up for APMEX's email newsletter. By signing up, you will follow the company's sales page effectively and even get promo codes to help you buy precious metals at ridiculously lower prices."

APMEX Custodian and Storage

APMEX works with the best and most respected IRA custodians in the industry. These companies provide gold and precious metals IRA setup and maintenance services. These custodians are:

  • Equity Trust
  • STRATA Trust Company
  • GoldStar Trust Company
  • The Entrust Group
  • Kingdom Trust Company.

When we enquired about the company’s secure storage, he told us that APMEX partners with Brink's Global Services to store precious metals for its customers.


APMEX has many people in its customer service team who are available on weekdays. You can reach them via the phone and email. In addition, the company has a live chat feature on its website and a mobile app.

On shipping, a company employee told us that when you pay for orders using your credit cards, APMEX will ship your products within a day. However, the shipping time may vary for bank wire transfers and checks.

Outlined below are the prices for shipping products based on the worth of your purchase.

Precious Metals Worth.

Shipping Fee





Above $5,000


Selling to APMEX

If you want to sell your precious metals, you can sell them to APMEX. Since its inception, the company has bought precious metals worth over $1 billion from people in the United States.

When we spoke to another company employee about this service, he said, “the process is very simple. People who want to sell their precious metals to APMEX will go to the website, fill out a form and request a quote for the products that they want to sell.” “Alternatively, you can contact the customer service department directly for such services.” He added.

You can lock in the prices once you receive your quote, then get ready to ship the precious metals. At this point, the employee said, "we will send you instructions about how you will package the precious metals to protect them from damages during transit. In addition, we will send you a label for the shipping."

“Immediately your products get to APMEX and we verify them, we will pay you in the next 24 hours.” According to him, there are various methods provided by APMEX through which you can receive your payment.

  • Bank Wire.
  • ACH
  • Check
  • Trade them for another product via APMEX.

How Do Customer Review Sites Rate APMEX

BB Review and Customer Testimonials


The rating was from 78 closed complaints in the last three years.

Business Consumer Alllience Review


The rating was from 5 reviews.

Google review

4.7 out of 5 Stars

The rating was from 7,900 reviews.

Facebook Reviews

4.2 out of 5 Stars.

The rating was from 727 reviews.

Trustpilot Reviews

2.2 out of 5 Stars.

The rating was from 7,782 reviews.

APMEX Pros And Cons

APMEX is a BBB-accredited business
They have ben in the industry for over 20 years
Their product catalogue is extensive and incorporates all four metal groups needed to diversify a precious metal IRA portfolio
The company also provides a mobile application for its customers
For non-IRA investors they also sell paper currency, jewelry cooper and rare coins
APMEX is not an IRA Custodian and they seem not to have a close partnership with a specific Custodian
The ratio of negative reviews to positive review is far too high not to raise a red flag in our minds
Free shipping is only offered on transaction above $5,000
It is worth checking prices on its rare precious metals as when we did the price comparison they seemed to be charging considerably more than their competitors
When we spoke to present and past customer we were told of poor customer service and many delivery issues
The website 
Rip Off Reports give details of several complains against APMEX 

APMEX Promotions

When we asked another member of staff at APMEX  about the company's promotions, she said, "for now, we do not offer any promotions apart from the special deals offered on our website and we also offer discounts for large precious metals purchases."

If you consider investing a large amount of money through a transfer or rolling over your 403k or 401k plan into your gold IRA, you could be eligible for Goldco's promotional offer. Currently, Goldco is offering new customers investing in precious metals IRA, free silver worth up to $10,000. The free silver offer could greatly increase your investment portfolio.

free $10,000 in silver

APMEX Conclusion

To conclude our APMEX review, in our view, the company is a legit precious metals retailer and distributor. It does not operate as a scam company.

Although the company is one of the largest in the industry and has been doing business for 22 years now, we do not advise you to invest in a gold IRA through this company, mainly because of its poor rating on public rating websites and the individual feedback we got when interviewing past and current clients.

Ratings on public websites show how customers feel about the company and doing business with them. Hence, when a company has loads of negative ratings, the company usually has a terrible customer service offering and/or poor systems and working procedures.

In our opinion, choosing to invest in a gold IRA through a company should not just be based on their products. A company with good products and bad customer service will frustrate your investment efforts. For example, if there is a problem with your investment portfolio or the precious metals you bought from it, you will have a big issue fixing it because its customer service is either non-responsive or out of reach.

Because we know that a vital aspect of your chosen investment company should be its customer service, we have carefully selected the companies we believe to have the best customer service in the precious metals industry. We also recommend them because they are among the most reputable companies in the industry and they have passed or exceeded all the checks and balances we use when evaluating such companies.

Our top three recommended companies are Augusta Precious Metals, Goldco, and American Hartford Gold. To know more about these companies, please click the links in the next section of this review.

Our Recommended Alternatives To American Precious Metals Exchange

Our #1 Precious Metals & Gold IRA Company - Best Overall

augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals is our best rated overall precious metals company

  • Customer care is exceptional
  • Pricing is highly competitive
  • Educational program second to none
  • The best FREE investment guide in the industry
  • Zero complaints on BBB & BCA
  • Free shipping on all orders

Our #2 Recommendation - Best For Promotions

Goldco best ira company review

Goldco is our second top rated gold and precious metal company. Having been top rated all of last year they were very close top Augusta Precious metals

  • Great promotional offers
  • Pricing is highly competitive
  • Educational program second to none
  • FREE investment guide in the industry
  • High buyback prices
  • Expert guidance provided by the team
  • First years fees waivered for new customers

Our #3 Gold & Silver Company -Great Prices and Great Customer Service

Hartford American

American Hartford Gold is our third top rated company.

  • A leading, recognized and trusted brand in the industry
  • A family owned and run business
  • Excellent customer service
  • Buy back guarantee
  • Free shipping
  • Promotional offers for new  customers
  • Transparent about cost
  • Diligent when it comes to compliance


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