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Indigo Precious Metals Review - Scam or Legitimate Company?

Bear Lake Gold has conducted this Indigo Precious Metals review to give our professional opinion on the company, what it sells, and its costs and fees. This review will give you all the information about the company's IRA, bullion, and precious metals offers.

We employed our in house developed rigorous review methodology to conduct this review. As part of the process, we reached out to customers who have bought from Indigo Precious Metals, their specialist precious metal dealers, and the Indigo leadership team.

Unfortunately, the feedback from these sources was not up to our standards for listing the company as one of our top thirty precious metals and IRA companies.

One way to ensure that your retirement fund sees you throughout your retirement years is to invest enough money into your retirement pot whilst finding an investment vehicle that will protect your savings from the ravages of inflation. These investments are usually in low-risk and less volatile markets. One of those markets is the precious metals investment industry. Investing in precious metals via a precious metal IRA is one of the surest ways of shielding your money from the ravages of inflation in a tax-efficient manner.

After going through this review, you should be able to decide which is best for you; the options we look at are:-

  1. Investing your money through Indigo Precious Metals
  2. Investing your money and or transferring your 401k, 403b or 457b retirement savings through one of our top three recommended precious metals companies.

Please click the buttons below to see the full guides and details from our recommended top three precious metal and IRA companies.

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Indigo Precious Metals

Introduction to Indigo Precious Metals

Indigo Precious Metals (IPM) is a precious metals company in Singapore. Although the company is located in a place commonly called a tax haven, it has customers worldwide. The company is not like other precious metals companies. It focuses on providing storage with tax advantages for its clients globally. Therefore, whatever your nation's government has decided on precious metals' tax payments is inconsequential. You can always store your assets offshore in Singapore.

The company was founded in 2014 by David Mitchell. The founder is an expert in precious metals, and he is also a financial analyst. David is popular for his ability to explain and analyze global market factors.

IPM has customers globally. It offers its clients precious metals for investments at low prices. The company advises its clients concerning asset protection from taxes, instabilities, and other economic factors that may affect their investments. The company intends to keep providing ease and accessibility to precious metals investments to both old and new clients.

Indigo Precious Metals has an online eCommerce website. The platform allows customers to buy products using its online marketplace. The company's specialist team can also assist you if you are confused about what you will wish to purchase. Their employees can listen to your investment goals and needs and then provide you with professional investment advice based on your goals.

As a customer, to discuss with any of the specialists, you will have to do it via a safe credit account. This method keeps your information private while considering your options and putting together your orders.

We believe this company is a reputable precious metal dealer, not a scam company. We checked many customers’ transactions and found the company reliable for all the precious metals deals we checked.

IPM has three offices in three different nations, and none of these offices has issues with their reputation on a global basis. The company has a vast network allowing them to partner with various investors around the globe. Its investors range from firms with high net worth to regular people with small IRAs.

One thing that attracts clients to this company is its low premium prices. However, what keeps these clients is the advice the company provides them. The experts in the company can design a portfolio for your investments containing major assets while you are on a journey to build wealth with the right precious metals. Moreover, these specialists will let you know the levels of risk attached to your choices to help you choose what is best for your investment needs.

How Does Indigo Precious Metals Work?

You can buy products from their eCommerce website. All you have to do is create your account and place your orders.

Alternatively, you can place your orders by calling on any of these phone numbers:

  • UK Toll-Free T: 0808 101 2690
  • Singapore T: +65 6223 0185
  • Malaysia Toll-Free T: 1800 806 979

Indigo Precious Metals Costs and Fees

IPM keeps all their precious metal pricing transparent. Customers get to see the prices of the products in their catalog in real-time when they browse through the company’s website. The prices get updated every five minutes. When there is a change in the price of precious metals in the global market, the IPM algorithm alters the prices of products on its website to match the global price.

As this company uses real-time pricing, you will only see the final price of the products when you checkout. At this point, the prices may differ from what you had in your cart while shopping.

This method is a major way the company prevents its customers from incurring hidden fees. No price is locked in for any product until you confirm your purchase.

Weekend Prices

When we visited the website, we saw that the company's precious metals prices on weekends are slightly higher than on other days. When we asked a specialist team member why they alter their prices on weekends, he said they include premium fees to whatever the last prices of products are on Fridays. He added that the reason was that the new week begins on Monday, and no one can tell for sure if the market will be volatile. He said the company might suffer losses at the beginning of a new week if they do not add the premium charges on Fridays for the weekends. However, clients who do not want to incur the weekend premium charge can choose to buy their products on weekdays.

The prices of products return to normal on Monday mornings when the Sydney market opens. IPM has also given its customers advice on the periods in the day when the market encounters low liquidity.

The company developed its algorithm with a feature that will allow it to analyze these periods and the market liquidity and adjust its price accordingly. As a result, if the demand for precious metals increases, the prices on their website will increase. Similarly, a decrease in demand too will lead to a decrease in the prices of precious metals.

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Canceling Orders

If a customer confirms a purchase, it will be impossible for the customer to cancel the order. When we asked the specialist why the company functions this way, he said that the company goes through a lot of risks to lock in the prices of assets and accept payments from customers. At this point, if the customer cancels because of a decrease in price after confirming a purchase, the company will suffer losses. 

According to him, legally, if a customer confirms a purchase, the customer must pay for the metals at the locked-in price. The only way the customer can cancel is to sell the products back to IPM after receiving them. However, IPM will buy it cheaper, and the customer will lose money.

He said that the company informs all its customers of this buying and payment policy to stop them from taking an action that might bring them regrets later.

Buyback Pricing

People who stored their metals in the company's London and Singapore vaults can access its website's buyback prices. Although to sell your precious metals to IPM, you must have bought products from the company. If you have not bought from them before, you cannot sell to them, no matter what you want to sell.

Indigo Precious Metals Products and Service

Regular Precious Metals

The company has a wide variety of precious metals on its website. The products in the company's catalog are

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Palladium
  • Rhodium

Rare Earth Metals

IPM also offers its customers an unpopular investment opportunity. Customers can buy rare earth metals from their online marketplace. Unlike other regular precious metals, rare earth metals are chemical metals. These metals are of uttermost importance to major manufacturing companies.

Some companies that use these products include companies in the tech industry. Tech companies that produce phones, computers, satellites, wind turbines, and batteries use some of these rare earth metals. Generally, rare earth metals are involved in modern technology, whether indirectly or directly.

In the real sense, these rare earth metals are not called rare because they are scarce. They are even more abundant than most regular precious metals. They are only called 'rare' because you can only find them in abundance in the earth's crust. Miners who mine them encounter a lot of difficulties in their mining journey.

As part of the company recommendations, they advise investors to hold a small portion of these rare earth metals in their investment portfolios. These rare earth metals may not be expensive now, but they will eventually increase in price as demand outstrips supply globally. The company can also store these metals for customers in their storage vaults as they will for other regular precious metals.

The prices and nature of these metals make their prices cheap. You can easily purchase them with a few dollars. If you are a collector interested in rocks, you might be interested in these rare earth metals.

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Private and Secure Storage

Indigo Precious Metals stores customers' precious metal holdings offshore. Their offshore storage is in Singapore, which is known as a tax haven. Therefore, you can store your assets in their vaults without letting your government know about them. Singapore is politically stable, and the storage vaults have the best security globally.

The storage facilities are fitted with ultramodern security technology. Then the company employs armed guards to patrol the facilities every minute and every day of the week. The security guards use scanners to ensure no one enters the place with concealed arms or identity. They have remote doors to stop thieves from breaking into the vaults. The company also has power backup plants for situations of emergency power outages.

IPM wants to ensure that clients' precious metals are secure, so they go out of their way to provide the best security for the vaults. The company also gives its clients the highest levels of privacy and discretion.

When we spoke to the management, they told us that they have sworn not to reveal any of their client’s identity, no matter the worth of the person’s holding. They swore to keep the private details of the clients private.

They also told us they set up vaults in Freeport's Trade Zone to allow their clients to sell or buy precious metals without paying taxes.

Worldwide Shipping

Although Singapore is the best storage location option for people who want to keep their items safe without paying tax, the option is not the only one the company offers for storage. They also have storage vaults in London and Sydney. The company does not have any storage facilities in North America.

If you live in Australia or the United Kingdom, you can invest in IPM’s vault closest to you. You can even buy precious metals from the Australian or United Kingdom vault and reduce your precious metals shipping time. However, you may have to pay taxes when buying from these vaults.

IPM can ship precious metals to any part of the world. If you prefer having your precious metals in your house to storing them in vaults, you can opt for their international shipping option. The company can ship precious metals to Canada, South Africa, America, Australia, Oceania, Europe, and Asia. We believe keeping your precious metals in your home is not a good option. It is safer to keep them in a storage vault. You might also have to pay shipping taxes for importation and other customs fees.

What Does Indigo Precious Metals Sell?


For people looking for a company to invest in precious metals through, IPM sells a wide range of bullion products. These products include;

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Palladium
  • Rhodium

From Indigo Precious Metal’s catalog, here are the different bars and coins that investors can buy;

Gold Coins

  • Indigo Precious Metals Review
  • 10 oz Credit Suisse Gold Minted Bar
  • Valcambi 50-gram Gold Minted Bar
  • PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna 100-gram Gold Minted Bar
  • 500-gram Gold Cast Bar

Gold Bars

  • Indigo Precious Metals Review
  • Gold American Eagle Coin
  • Gold Buffalo Coin
  • Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Coin
  • Gold Australian Lunar Ox Coin
  • Gold Australian Kangaroo Coin
  • Gold Britannia Coin
  • Gold Queen's Beast's Red Dragon Coin
  • Gold Austrian Philharmonic Coin
  • Gold South African Krugerrand Coin

Silver Coins

  • Indigo Precious Metals Review
  • Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Coins
  • Silver Chinese Panda Coins
  • Silver Australian Kookaburra Coin
  • Silver Australian Kangaroo Coins
  • Silver Australian Koala Coins
  • Silver South African Krugerrand Coin
  • Silver Austrian Philharmonic Coin
  • Silver Britannia Coin
  • Silver Queen's Beasts Coin
  • Silver Lakota Crazy Horse Round

Silver Bars

  • Indigo Precious Metals Review
  • Valcambi Swiss 1 kilo Silver Bar
  • LBMA 100 oz Silver Cast Bar
  • Royal Canadian Mint 100 oz Silver Bar
  • Royal Canadian Mint 10 oz Silver Bar
  • Perth Mint 1 kilo Silver Cast Bar

Platinum Coins

  • Indigo Precious Metals Review
  • Platinum White Horse of Hanover Coin
  • Platinum The Queen's Beasts White Lion Coin
  • Platinum The Quest's Bests 2020 Yale of Beaufort Coin

Platinum Bars

  • 1 oz Platinum Valcambi Bar
  • 50-gram Platinum Valcambi Bar
  • 10 oz Credit Suisse Platinum Bar
  • 50 oz Valcambi Platinum Bar
  • 100-gram Platinum Valcambi Bar
  • 500-gram Platinum Valcambi Bar
  • 1 kilo Platinum Valcambi Bar

Palladium Coins

  • Palladium Canadian Maple Leaf Coin

Bullion Gram Savings

The Bullion Gram Savings Plan is a savings plan provided by Indigo for customers who do not have enough money to buy full coins and bars, or those who want portfolio diversification. The plan allows customers to save money until they have enough money saved to allow them to buy the coin or bullion bar they wish to purchase.

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Indigo Precious Metals IRA Services

The company does not offer precious metals IRA services. You can check our top three recommended companies if you are considering investing in a precious metals IRA. They are specialized gold IRA companies with a solid reputation in the industry, especially in the United States.

IPM Pros And Cons

You can choose between investing in rare earth metals and precious metals.
They offer their customers solid selections of gold, palladium, silver, platinum, and rhodium.
They give their customers access to real-time prices of precious metals.
The company’s experts provide their customers with solid goal-oriented investment advice.
The company's founder is an expert in precious metals and financial analysis.
They are an offshore company based in Singapore. 
They do not offer IRA services but we guess that you could import IRA qualifying metals for storage in the USA.
They do not buy metals unless they have previously sold them to you.

Our Recommended Alternatives To Indigo Precious Metals.

Goldco best ira company review

Goldco is a USA Based gold IRA and precious metal investment company. It is known for its multiple excellence awards in the last five years.

The company prides itself on selling quality products for affordable prices. They have world-class customer service, and over 90% of their customers have left positive reviews on public sites.

The company offers a wide selection of coins and bars in these categories;

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Palladium
augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metal is one of the sector’s leaders. They have been around for so many years and have built their reputation in the industry using these features;

  • They provide premium investment solutions for customers.
  • They have a specialist team that helps investors make the best investment choices.
  • They have world-class customer support.
  • They offer IRA services.

They secure precious metals using Delaware storage solutions.

Hartford American

American Hartford Gold is a family oriented precious metal and IRA company. It is well recognized for its interests and focus on family investments.

Among other amazing features, these two have helped them stand out in the industry.

  • They offer one of the best promotional services in the industry.
  • They prove the quality of their products to customers by offering a buyback option to customers.

Conclusion to our Indigo Precious Metals Review

Bear Lake Gold has put together this Indigo Precious Metals review to aid your decision in choosing the best precious metal investment company based on your investment needs or goals.

From our findings, the company is not a scam company. We believe it to be a legitimate precious metals dealer with a good overall reputation. Although this company is a precious metal coin and bullion dealer, it does not offer precious metal IRA services as it is based in Singapore.

Therefore, if you are considering enrolling in a precious metals IRA service, we strongly advise that you consider one of the three companies we have rated most highly for gold and precious metal IRA provision. Our top three rated companies in this area are Goldco, Augusta Precious metals, and American Hartford.

We found the company's lack of reviews and ratings on key review sites like BBB, BCA, and Trustpilot somewhat concerning.

If you want to shelter your money in an offshore tax haven by investing in gold, silver, platinum, or palladium, this company might be an interesting company to investigate further.

However, for most mainstream USA savers and investors, an onshore precious metals dealer with a direct relationship with IRA providers is probably a less risky option. 

In summary, we have conducted many years of research, which we update annually to identify who, in our opinion, are the best-ranked gold dealers, precious metal dealers, and gold and silver IRA providers. This year our top recommendation was Augusta Precious Metals, closely followed by Goldco and Hartford American Gold.

We believe these companies are the best choice for USA-based investors who are not looking to do anything clever with offshore tax havens, and this is because they offer the best quality products, excellent customer service, and great security solutions. They have also been around in the industry for a long time with unblemished reputations.

If you want more information from any of them or would like to get the highly informative gold investment guide without any cost or obligation to you, please click any or all of the request buttons below.

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