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Monetary Metals Review are they a Scam or Are they Legit?

As part of this Monetary Metals review, Bear Lake Gold intends to give our opinions of Monetary Metals, their products and services, what makes them unique, and their pros and cons. By the time you have completed reading this review, you should be able to decide if you should invest with them or if you might be better served by dealing with one of our top three recommended IRA and precious metal companies.

We carried out this review using our rigorous review methodology. As part of the process, we talked with individuals online and offline who invested with the company and then the company's employees. Unfortunately, we did not get enough positive responses from these sources. Also, our additional research did not give Monetary Metals a place in our list of top three gold IRA and precious metal companies.

One of the major milestones you can make in life is investing your money in a stable market. Investing in precious metals and gold IRAs is one of the most secure ways to invest your money into a low-risk savings regime. Investing in the precious metals market is less volatile than investing in cryptocurrencies and the stock market.

This review will show you if you should consider an investment through Monetary Metals or if you should stick to one of our three recommended companies. Please click on any of the buttons below to request the highly detailed information guides from our three top-rated companies.

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Monetary Metals Reviws

Monetary Metals

Introduction to Monetary Metals

Monetary Metals was founded by Keith Weiner in 2012. Currently, the company’s headquarters is located in Arizona, United States.

Keith also founded the popular Gold Standard Institute. Amazingly, Keith Weiner is also responsible for working to ensure that the government passed laws that made gold a legal tender in Arizona.

The company is a precious metals company that is quite different from other companies in the precious metal industry. The company does not buy or sell precious physical metals and does not offer precious metals IRA services. However, they give yields to precious metals investors on their precious metals. Another name for the platform is Gold Yield Marketplace.

When we talked with the company’s management, they told us that the company was founded to bring back the potential of gold. Before now, gold was not just a portfolio that precious metals investors held. Gold was a currency like other fiat currencies of the world today. When we contacted the company's owners, they told us that the company aims to unlock the productivity of gold. It intends to achieve this aim by making gold a functional currency as before.

Monetary Metals offer gold financing to companies that use gold for their production, for example, refineries and jewelers. Then the investors who have gold investments in Money Metals are paid yields. So, the investors support these gold production companies and also make money from supporting them.

What Does Monetary Metals Do?


You can invest your gold with Monetary Metals if you already have the precious metals. If you buy precious metals and keep them safe in a vault, you will not make any profit from them. On the contrary, you will pay for storing your gold monthly. Investing your precious metals with Monetary Gold Yield Marketplace will earn you yields on your gold holdings.

When you invest with Monetary Metals via their marketplace, the companies they lease your gold to, will pay you interest in gold. As a result, you will automatically increase your gold portfolio.

The interest rates these companies pay you are not constant. Since the inception of Monetary Metals, they have paid interest rates between 2 to 4.5% to every investor who invests their gold with them. On average, they pay an interest rate of 3.2%. That means, if you invest 10 ounces of gold with them, your yield will be 13 ounces of gold after one year.

The company sets its market rates using the processes based on the market. As an investor, you can set your desired minimum interest rate for your precious metals investments. It means that you have more control over your investments. Sometimes, you will get at least the minimum interest rates you set. Other times, you may earn more.

Gold is not the only precious metal you can invest in with Monetary Metals. You can also invest your silver with the company. So, if you invest your gold and silver with the company, you will increase your earning potential on your silver and gold.


If you have a business that uses precious metals for production, you can partner with Monetary Metals to get your business's financing. The company designs its gold lease solutions to give flexibility and lower the risk for companies that need financing in gold and silver. The financing options that Monetary Metals offer give businesses lower costs compared to cash loans or equities outside.

Monetary Metals is more scalable than just using your capital for business and more flexible and reliable than unallocated deposits. The company has different financial financing options depending on your business. There are different options for producers of gold, refineries, mints, jewelers, bullion dealers, pawn brokers, and users of industrial coins.


The company's website has a blog section for gold economics. If you have doubts about investing in your precious metals through Monetary Metals' marketplace, spending some time on the articles in their blog section will not be a bad idea. You might just be convinced when you finish reading them. The articles can aid you in understanding the benefits of investing in this company.

On the company’s blog, some of the posts there are: "Monetary Metals in Wealth Management, Townhall, Inside Sources, and Barron's," "Is the Gold Standard the Economists' Punching Bag?" and "Top Wealth Management Companies in Arizona."


The company runs a podcast called the Gold Exchange Podcast. You can get this podcast for free on the company's website. From the podcast, you will learn how gold investment works. There are over 20 podcast episodes on the websites that cover various topics. Some of the episodes on the website are: "The History Behind the Nixon Shock," "The Debt Reset," "The Truth about the So-Called Silver Squeeze," and "Inflation's Inconvenient Complexities."

Are There Any Red Flags for Monetary Metals?

Monetary Metals do not have any rating with  Better Business Bureau, Business Consumer Alliance, and Trustpilot. However, they have about eight reviews on TrustLink.

For Bear Lake Gold, this lack of review is a red flag based on our review standards. The company's minimal reviews, even after ten years of being in the industry, is something to worry about. From our experiences when reviewing companies, their lack of reviews and ratings could be traced to how the company relates with their clients and the quality of their services.

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4.5 out of 5 stars.

This rating was out of 172 reviews.

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Monetary Metals Pros And Cons

The company seems to have been averaging about a 3.2% return on the value of your precious metals
If your business uses precious metals this company may be a great way to finance your business.
They provide a great deal of good quality information in their blog section on their website
For general background information on gold and silver investing it is worth listening to some of the podcasts they offer.
They are not a traditional precious metals broker
They do not offer gold or precious metal IRAs
They do not sell tangible precious metals instead they lease precious metals to secure you the owner of the metal an annual yield
They have very few reviews on the main review sites
They have not been around for so long in the precious metal industry when compared to other precious metals companies

Our Recommended Alternatives To Monetary Metals 

Goldco is our number one pick for the best gold IRA provider. They ensure that their prospects and clients get all the information you need to make an informed selection.

The company has various gold, silver, and platinum products for investors. Also, they have an expansive knowledge base covering everything from buying precious metals to setting up your gold IRA.

Customers of Augusta Precious Metals enjoy low prices and price transparency. As a result, Augusta makes the list of our top and finest gold IRA businesses. Augusta Precious Metals is easy to understand and transparent.

American Hartford Gold is a company that has been around for over 20 years and is well known and revered in the precious metals industry.

They also offer a wide range of investment alternatives, such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

American Hartford Gold also provides a satisfaction guarantee on all their precious metals products and services, so you can be certain that you're investing wisely.

Conclusion to our Monetary Metals Review

Investing your money can be a difficult decision to make. The competition in the precious metals industry is growing every day. If you are going to invest in a precious metals company, you must find an investment company that meets all your needs.

Monetary Metals is a good company, but its business model is very different to that of a more traditional precious metals dealer in that they take precious metals you have purchased and put them to work for you rather than leaving them in a vault to appreciate.

Based on our review standards, we did not include them as the best in the industry. The fact that their business model is very different, they have minimal reviews, do not sell physical gold and silver, do not offer IRA services, and the complex process of gold investment prevented them from ranking among the first thirty recommended IRA companies on our list.

From our discussions with their management team, customer feedback online and offline, and other research sources, they do not match our top three gold IRA and precious metals companies. If you reside in the United States, we strongly suggest that you invest with one of our top three recommended precious metals companies as highlighted above, especially if you are considering an IRA for your retirement years. By clicking any of the buttons on this page you will be able to request more information directly from our top three picks in the precious metals sector.

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