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What is a Gold Quarter Dollar Worth in 2022 

Current Value of a Gold Quarter Dollar

Before trying to establish the current value of a gold quarter dollar, you need to understand if it is all gold, gold plated or even gold and platinum, as this will make a vast difference to the price of the gold quart coin.

Gold plated quarters infrequently have a value more than the face value of the coin, that is 25 cents; this is because the gold content is purely a thin coating which usually is around 0.003 inches thick. They only have a face value as no one is interested in collecting them, making it very hard to sell them.

If you are looking to value your gold quarter as an example, when writing this article on 1/27/2022, the spot price of gold stands at $1854.63 per ounce of gold.

The Standing Liberty Centennial Quarter Gold Coin (issued in 2016) struck 0.99999924 karat gold; the only officially authorized gold quarter coin to enter circulation is a quarter of an ounce in weight, putting its bullion value at $473.65.

$473.65 is the bullion value of this coin; however, a check on eBay currently shows these coins being offered anywhere from $549.99 - £949; in the collector market, the condition is everything.

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Do Not Confuse The Value of Gold Quarters and the Worth of A Gold Quarter-Eagle

Gold Quarters and Gold Quarter-eagles are often confused.  This can be a very costly mistake as Gold Eagle-Quarters are by far more valuable than Gold Quarters in most cases..

As an example 

A 1912 Indian Head Gold $2.50 Quarter-Eagle as a proof could easily sell for over $11,000


value of gold quarter-eagle coins
resale value of gold quarters

Are Gold Quarters or Gold Plated Quarters Worth Investing In?

Gold Quarters are .9999 24 karat gold and will always have at least the bullion weight value at the days gold spot price. This makes them as good an investment as any gold investment and potentially better if you purchase extremely high-quality examples or proof examples of the rarer coins.

Gold Plated Quarters, on the other hand, are usually a poor investment; the gold content is minimal, they are often electroplated with a layer of gold thinner than a human hair. Often issued as commemoration, people buy into the thing they are commemorating, paying up to 50x the face value. When they come to try to sell the coin, there is normally not a market for them, and in our experience, the best we have seen these achieve in the saleroom is 10% above the face value of the coin. Some examples of Gold Plated Quarters include State Quarters & the Parks Quarters.

In our view, avoid buying Gold Plated Quarters like you would avoid the plague.

New state quarter gold plated
Maryland State Gold Plated Quarter Dollar
Value of New Jersey State Quarter
Gold Quarters

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What Historic Price Points Has The Gold Quarter Reached

The primary value of the gold quarter is its gold value.  You can check the daily price of gold on many sites on the internet, and this will be given as the spot price.  You are looking for the spot price per ounce.  When you have found this, divide the spot price by four, giving you the value of your Gold Quarter. It is always worth checking with a coin specialist if you are unsure what your coin is.

You would not be happy if you thought your coin was a gold quarter and sold it at the gold spot price just to find it was a 1796 Draped Bust Quarter PCGS MS-64 OGH (1st Gen) which sold at auction on 20th January 2020 at a cost including buyer premium of $303,750.00.

Historic value of gold quarter

Are Gold Quarters a Good Investment In 2022

Gold and other precious metals can be used to diversify the way you hold any savings.  You may have savings or you may be saving for retirement via a 401k or 457b plan. We believe holding all of your savings in any single category of assets, whether cash, stock, shares, bonds, art, property, or anything else, is a high risk.

Instead, we think holding a portion of your savings or 401k fund in a variety of the above is a great idea.  Gold has been relatively inflation-proof over time.  Inflation can seriously impact monies held in cash and other forms of assets.

Many market analysts say gold is still on a bull run, and prices are likely to rise.  The fear of such things as Covid-19, potential global conflict with Russia on the Ukraine border and possible fiscal changes being muted by the Biden administration would seem to continue to make a bull market more likely. People ditch stocks in terms of turmoil and switch to holding savings at least in part in precious metals. We are certainly currently in times of crisis.

In the table above, you have seen gold prices fluctuate. Still, over this period in you had bought and sold at the height of the market, a single Gold Quarter would have increased in value by over  $120.

Where Can I buy Gold Quarters.

Unfortunately, American Hartford Gold does not have specific pricing information for clients. The company does not have a minimum gold IRA contribution. However, you should note that the company offers certain benefits to people who invest larger amounts of money. You should also remember that there are no charges for moving funds from your existing IRA to the new IRA. The transaction is completely tax-free. That being said, you will have to speak to a specialist so that you make the transaction properly. Also, you should note that there are no fees for transporting the gold or silver items to the depository, and this will include insurance and tracking.

What Are the Risks of Investing in a Gold or Silver?

As noted earlier, gold and silver are extremely secure investments. That means your risk of losing money will be extremely low. However, you should note that the fees for gold or silver IRAs are usually higher than those of regular IRAs. You will also not be able to claim any tax-advantaged income as gold or silver IRAs don’t offer interest, dividends, or any other forms of returns. With other forms of IRA investing, you will be able to gain tax-advantaged income.

While gold or silver IRAs have some notable disadvantages, you should note that contributions made to gold IRAs are tax-deductible. Also, qualified withdrawals from Roth accounts are tax-free. Since the coins will be stored in secure depositories, you will not risk any loss due to thef

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Frequently Asked Questions About Gold Quarters.

What is a Gold Quarter Worth / What is the Value of a Gold Quarter

To work out the worth of value of a gold quarter take the price of an ounce of gold on the day you are looming to value the gold quarter and divide this by four.  on the 27/1/2022 this would give an approximate value of $463.

What is the Gold Percentage in a Gold Quarter

The gold content of a Standing Liberty 2016 Centennial Gold Quarter is 99.99% Fine Gold containing 0.25 troy ounces or 7.776 grams of fine gold.

What are the Dimensions of a Gold Quarter

The diameter of the Standing Liberty 2016 Centennial Quarter is 0.866 inches (equivalent to 22.00 mm)

What is the Obverse Inscription of a Standing Liberty 20016 Centennial gold Quarter

AU 24K
1/4 oz.

What is the Reverse Inscription of a Standing Liberty 20016 Centennial gold Quarter


Who Mints the Standing Liberty 20016 Centennial gold Quarter 

This coin is minted by Westpoint

Who Designed he Standing Liberty 20016 Centennial gold Quarter
The Standing Liberty 2016 Centennial Quarter was designed by Hermon A. MacNeil
Can I Purchase Gold Quarters within my Gold IRA?

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